Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Road accident in Cancun: 8 victims identified

CANCUN, Quintana Roo.- The 8 people who lost their lives in the accident between a passenger bus and a dump truck on the Merida-Cancun highway have been identified.

Five of the people were Mexican; one from Campeche, one from Mexico City and three from Quintana Roo. The other three victims were foreigners (two French and one German).

The victims responded to the names of Magda Luly Beltrán García and Danna Valentina Vidal Beltrán, Quintana Roo; Akexis Bouchindhomme, German; and Mathilde Marie Madeline Dup, French.

The rest of the identified victims responded to the names of Leonardo Andrei Martínez Castillo, originally from Mexico City, but based in Cancún; Consuelo Beatriz Colli Borges, originally from Campeche. In addition to Kiara Leilani Hernández Bacab, originally from Cancun; and of Johanna Nachbaur, of French origin.

The agency mentioned that the two drivers, both passenger bus and dump truck, were made available to the prosecutor for the demarcation of responsibilities.


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