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Risk of Omicron infection ‘very high’, WHO warns of very serious consequences: 10 things

Guidelines issued for foreign travelers in India regarding Omicron virus

New Delhi:
Omicron News: The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning regarding the Omicron virus of Corona. The WHO has said that the risk of spreading infection from Omicron is very high and it can have very serious consequences. Many countries have already banned flights to South Africa and other neighboring countries due to Omicron’s infection. Many countries have made quarantine mandatory for travelers coming from these African countries. Omicron was first detected in South Africa and so far patients infected with its variant have been found in 12 countries.

Read 10 big things of the news here –

  1. The WHO has said that the Omicron variant can spread rapidly all over the world. He has requested all countries to expedite the vaccination. Along with this, the government health services have been asked to prepare to deal with these disasters. The first case of this Covid-19 variant was detected in South Africa, but now its patients have been found in 12 countries. The Omicron variant has also had a severe impact on the markets and tourism across the world.

  2. The World Health Agency said in a statement that Omicron has an unexpected number of spike proteins. Some of these are such that by spreading the infection rapidly, it can turn into a big disaster.

  3. The WHO’s technical team has said that this new variant of Covid-10 Omicron can again take the effect of the Pandemic towards the seriousness of the whole world. However, no patient who came under the grip of Omicron has died so far.

  4. The World Health Organization has said that more research is needed to know the real danger of Omicron and its prevention. More information needs to be gathered about the vaccine dealing with it and controlling the infection.

  5. The WHO on Friday called Omicron a worrying variant. It was inserted with Delta, the group with the most dangerous variants of the Covid variant. Whereas alpha, beta and gamma are weak variants.

  6. Important data related to Omicron can come next week. WHO believes that it can also infect people who have taken the vaccine. However, he says that even if this virus catches people who have been vaccinated, then it will be mild and less serious.

  7. Apart from South Africa, cases of Omicron variant of Corona have been found in Botswana, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium, UK, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel and Czech Republic. European countries have already announced tough measures regarding Omicron.

  8. The US, most European countries, Australia and most major countries have banned flights coming from the affected countries of Africa. However, South Africa has demanded immediate withdrawal of these restrictions, calling them extremely harsh.

  9. Japan and Israel have banned all foreign nationals from coming to their country. Australia has said that it will reconsider the decision to reopen borders to skilled migrants and students.

  10. India has made testing mandatory for the citizens of the countries where the Omicron variant has been found, as soon as they come to India. Every international passenger coming to India will have to fill up a self-declaration form and show a negative RTPCR report. If they do not comply with both these conditions then they cannot enter India.


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