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Ricky Rubio, transferred to the Pacers despite his serious injury

Ricky Rubio, traded to the Indiana Pacers. | Europe Press

Ricky Rubio change teams again. The Catalan base, 31 years old, leaves the Cleveland Cavaliers and will finish the season as a player of the Indiana Pacers before entering NBA free agency this summer, a market in which he has already left the door open to the idea of ​​returning to European basketball.

Once again, Ricky has become a bargaining chip in the American league. There will wear his fifth shirt since his arrival at minnesota timberwolves more than a decade ago (2011). After six seasons in Minneapolis, he then played two seasons in the Utah Jazz (2017-2019), one in the phoenix suns (2019-2020) and returned to Minnesota in November 2020 to be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of 2021, in exchange for Taurean Prince.

The Cavaliers, in a move with five teams involved in the background, have sent him to the Indianapolis team to receive in exchange Caris LeVerta point guard who first stood out with the Brooklyn Nets and has maintained a solid level of play (18.7 points and 4.4 assists this season) with the Pacers after overcoming a serious injury.

Ricky now joins the Pacers, they won’t even see him dress short, just like what happened with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Actually, the 9 has officially played for four teams. Now it remains to be seen what the player’s intentions are after his umpteenth run-in with the “business”, as he himself calls the market every time he is transferred.


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