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Ricky Martin’s nephew hires a new lawyer: “What I want is for the truth to be known”

He Judge Arnaldo Castro Callejoof the St. John’s Courtindicated that it will submit, in writing, its decision regarding a motion for dismissal filed by Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, nephew of the singer Ricky Martinafter attorney Michael Corona Muñoz assumed his legal representation, in what should have been a hearing to determine if the young man had the capacity to represent himself as part of a civil lawsuit filed by the artist.

Castro Callejo said, in court, that he attended, earlier in the day, a motion filed by Corona Muñoz in which he informed that he would assume the legal representation of Sánchez Martin.

“That being the case, what would occupy us in the afternoon today is academic,” highlighted Castro Callejo.

When asking the parties if they had any pending issues, Corona Muñoz said that “the last legal representation (of the defendant) filed a motion to dismiss before your honor. We adopt it, as it is written, and we insist on it”.

“The matter (the motion to dismiss) was already submitted and we were waiting for a lawyer to appear, or for the self-representation issue to be resolved. So, once said matter has been addressed, the court will submit its determination in writing.”, Castro Callejo emphasized in reference to the motion to dismiss, at the end of the brief hearing.

Both upon entering and leaving room 907, Corona Muñoz indicated that all reactions would be on his part and not those of his client. “He is not going to answer any questions at this time,” he said, while affirming that his client does suffer from the syndrome of Aspergerone of the reasons why today’s hearing was not held by videoconference, as originally indicated, after Castro Callejo accepted a motion by Sánchez Martin requesting that it be held in person.

Corona Muñoz clarified that he would assume the representation of Sánchez Martin from now on, and added that there are people who have not studied law who represent themselves because anyone can do it. “The family supports him, but I am his lawyer now. I will be the one who will defend the interests of Mr. Sánchez Martin, this is how I will handle it “, he pointed out before questions from the various local media. “I am not going to enter into his economic situation right now. He hired me and I’m here.”

Sánchez Martin, who seemed relaxed, lowered his mask and limited himself to saying: “What I want is for the truth to be known, only the truth. I just want the whole truth to be known.”

Why was the hearing ordered?

After being advised, in February, that he should have legal representation (following the resignation of his previous lawyers), and after being given time to hire new lawyers, Sánchez Martin indicated (through motions prior to this afternoon’s hearing) to Castro Callejo that he would represent himself, since he did not have the financial resources to retain a lawyer. He further added that he took an online course and that he was able to defend himself in court. However, Castro Callejo ordered the hearing to determine if he, in effect, could adequately represent himself.

Ricky Martin’s lawyers, on the other hand, opposed Sánchez Martin representing himself, understanding that he did not have the knowledge to face the judicial process.

Regarding the motion to dismiss, Corona Muñoz maintained that it is pending resolution and that it is “quite well founded.” “Once that motion passes, if it is not granted, we will then proceed to answer and formulate our allegations and our requests.”

The dismissal motion mentioned by Castro Callejo and by Corona Muñoz was filed, in December of last year, by the lawyers Jaime Alcover Delgado and Fredeswin Perez Caraballo, who assumed the legal representation of Sánchez Martin. However, the lawyers submitted, on January 2 of this year, a motion to relieve legal representation with immediate effect, which was approved by Castro Callejo.

In the motion, the lawyers highlighted irreconcilable differences with Sánchez Martin that prevented them from offering him adequate representation.

For his part, Corona Muñoz indicated that he will proceed to speak with his client and, at the appropriate time, he will file the aforementioned allegations and any claim he may have.

“That also depends a lot on the attitude of Mr. Ricky Martin. He’s the one who started this lawsuit. He is asking for, I don’t know, $30 million or $50 million, I don’t know why. I go back and repeat, the paper can withstand what is put on it. They are allegations and we have ours, which I am going to submit in writing. It will be a public document and you will see them “, he reiterated, while denying having received any request from the artist’s lawyers to start negotiations. However, the lawyer stressed that he is always willing to listen (possible offers).

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On the other hand, the graduate Dora Monserratewho was representing the Puerto Rican singer today, denied that any offer was presented to the defendant and focused on the civil case, saying that they were pleased that the defendant had hired legal representation.

“In the civil case, which is the one we were summoned to today, the one who had to be present was the defendant, who was ordered to appear, present the tools and demonstrate to the court that he could represent himself. We objected. So when we see that he was represented by a lawyer, we are pleased, ”Monserrate said.

When asked if Ricky Martin was aware of everything that happened, Monserrate pointed out that “lawyers and clients are always in communication, so he is aware” and that he will appear as soon as the court indicates the hearing. correspondent.

The legal saga between Ricky Martin and his nephew

Enrique Martin Morales, the name of the veteran artist, filed a civil lawsuit against Sánchez Martin in September of last year. for extortion, malicious persecution, abuse of rights and damages. In response, Sánchez Martin filed a motion to dismiss Martin Morales’s claim, which is heard by Castro Callejo.

The legal battle between Martin Morales and Sánchez Martin began on July 1, 2022, when the nephew filed a complaint with the Police Bureau protected by Law 54 on Domestic Violence and request for an ex-parte order of protection. That day, the Judge Raiza Cajigas Campbell issued the protection order against Martin Morales.

However, Sánchez Martin withdrew his request to extend said protection order in a hearing held on July 21, 2022. Martin Morales then filed, on September 7, 2022, the lawsuit for extortion, malicious persecution, abuse of rights and damages against Sánchez Martin, who submitted, a week before, a second complaint for sexual assault against the artist.

As part of the hearing held today, Sánchez Martin went to the Supreme Court to allow the transmission of the process. Although the Supreme Court denied that request, it later approved a similar motion filed by the newspaper El Vocero. In said motion, Sánche Martin described himself as an “independent journalist.”

At the moment, Martin Morales is covered by a protection order issued against Sánchez Martin and which was extended for one year by Judge Glenn Velázquez Morales at a hearing held on November 10, 2022.

Martin Morales is represented by lawyers José Andreu Fuentes, Dora Monserrate and Joaquín Monserrate Matienzo.

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