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Ricky Martin’s lawyer reiterates that the singer is a victim of “persecution, extortion and revenge”

The legal dispute between the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin had a new sequel at the beginning of the week with a crossover of motions in which the alleged victim allegedly disclosed a third version of the type of sexual assault he claims to have suffered.

In response, the artist’s lawyers filed another motion this Tuesday in which they asked the Court of First Instance of San Juan to find Sánchez Martin in contempt for having handed over to a celebrity program the motion he filed in a case that due to his nature is confidential. In addition, the court is asked to order the San Juan Capestrano psychiatric hospital to deliver evidence of alleged hospitalizations that the young man has had there due to an alleged mental problem, the lawyer reported. Jose Andreu Fuentesat a press conference held at his office in Hato Rey.

The incidents occur at a time when a court hearing in the case filed by Ricky Martin to extend the protection order was canceled on Monday, because the son of one of his lawyers in the case had an accident in the United States, he said. the lawyer

Disclosing the details of the latest incidents in the case in which Sánchez Martin has alleged being a victim of sexual assault by Ricky Martin, Andreu Fuentes reiterated on multiple occasions that the artist is mired in a “pattern of persecution, extortion and revenge.

It should be noted that although the Police do not reveal the name of the people who file complaints for alleged sexual assault, in this case, it was learned that it was the singer’s nephew through the expressions of one of the Puerto Rican star’s lawyers in the past weeks.

Andreu Fuentes alluded today to the fact that the person who accuses the singer suffers from mental conditions and that he has allegedly been manipulated by third parties to attack the singer with allegations that he said are “false.”

The lawyer did not want to mention who may be the person responsible for manipulating Sánchez Martin to allegedly harm the Puerto Rican star.

“The motion is filed yesterday, (Monday), by this Mr. Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, in the procedure in which Ricky Martin filed a protection order against him, it is totally false. That motion is nothing more than part of the pattern of persecution and stalking that this young man has against Ricky Martin and that Ricky Martin has precisely denounced by filing an order, a request for a protection order under the Stalking Law against this man. As you know, the court issued an ex parte stalking order against him, but he does not comply with it, he is definitely in contempt of court and in violation of the order and what he does is precisely the opposite. What he does is continue with the pattern of persecuting him, with his pattern of stalking, intimidating and harassing Ricky Martin, “said Andreu Fuentes.

In the controversial motion, Sánchez Martin alleged that he was raped by Ricky Martin in 2012, when he was 11 years old.

Andreu Fuentes commented that this represents the third version of the young man in this case. It is that he recalled that, last July, when Sánchez Martin filed a protection order against his uncle for alleged domestic violence, he denied in court that he had been a victim of sexual assault.

“He told the judge (Raiza Cajigas Campbell, of the San Juan Court) under oath that he had never been the victim of any type of sexual assault.”

The second version, as indicated, is the one that Sánchez Martin outlined in a police complaint filed on the night of September 9. He alleged that it exposes that there were alleged sexual assaults between 2013 and 2015, when he was a minor.

“The third (version), now that he filed a motion saying the opposite, saying that he was the victim of sexual assault and oral sex when he was 11 years old. That is a question that must be asked. If at 11 years of age what this motion says is possible”, released Andreu Fuentes, rejecting the accusation.

The lawyer blamed the publication of this motion on the young man. He alleged that he did it to continue the pattern of persecution against Ricky Martin. Therefore, he said that, in response, a motion has been filed with the court to find him in contempt. The penalty for such a crime is six months in prison.

The second thing they request is that San Juan Capestrano deliver evidence that Sánchez Martin has allegedly been in the hospital three times to treat mental conditions.

“He is a person diagnosed with severe mental problems and he is showing it in this case, which is a danger for Ricky Martin. Certainly, it is a danger to his family, ”he specified.

Among other things, Andreu Fuentes stressed that Sánchez Martin “has been persecuting and harassing Ricky Martin for some time.” He argued that the young man allegedly asked the artist for money so as not to report him. He commented that the only alternative the singer has had has been to defend himself in court.

Ricky Martin has already obtained a protection order for stalking against his nephew. The lawyer commented that a hearing is scheduled for next November 10 in which the protection order is expected to remain active for two years and not provisionally, as it is currently.

The singer also sued his nephew. The lawyer commented that this civil process takes time and that it has not yet been heard in court.

“The only way available to Ricky Martin is one, to have filed, what he did, the protection order and to have obtained the protection order to avoid, right, to quickly obtain a court order, to try to stop these actions in this way. person who is mentally maladjusted,” he said.

He alleged that Ricky Martin does not seek to harm his nephew, who already has two other warrants for allegedly stalking another man and a woman. He said that the intention is that he seek help to rehabilitate him.

“Ricky Martin has always said and reaffirms that this is totally false, part of the sick mind of this young man. It makes him very sad to have to struggle, because this young man, after all, is his nephew and he feels very sad to have to face this situation. But, he has no choice but to do what he is doing, because otherwise this will never end. And, certainly, Ricky Martin is going to do whatever is necessary so that the truth of this finally comes to light and it can be determined once and for all that this is a pattern of defamation and lies against him for a sick mind”, pointed out Andreu Fuentes.

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