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Ricky Martin warns Governor Pedro Pierluisi in favor of the teachers’ claim

The Puerto Rican star Ricky Martin this time he was not silent either in the face of the situation in the country and used his platforms to join the claims of teachers and public employees from Puerto Rico seeking better wages and a decent retirement.

Under the hashtags #PuertoRico and #JusticiaSalarial, he published a black and white video in which he addressed not only Puerto Ricans and their struggle, but also directly to the Governor of Puerto Rico, Peter Pierluisi.

“Puerto Rico, teachers, firefighters, police officers, public servants: salary justice is a human right. Keep going you are not alone. Mr. Governor, Do not take these claims lightly. We already know how far a humiliated and oppressed country can go”, expressed the artist, who on previous occasions has been very vocal in the face of the problems suffered by his compatriots. He was even one of the public figures that he said was present in the so-called “Summer of 19″.

On January 27, the Puerto Rican singer made the world premiere of the single and video “Another night in LA”which was directed by Costa Rican filmmaker and photographer Daniela Vesco and filmed over two days in different locations in the city of Los Angeles.

Martin turned 50 on December 24, 2021, and of those he commemorates three decades of career as a soloist, adding successes. Some of his memorable songs are “Living la vida loca”, “La copa de la vida”, “Tiburones”, “María”, “La mordidita” and “Vuelve”, among many others.


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