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Ricardo Arjona once again pleases his fans from Puerto Rico

A tour of the hits that have made him one of Puerto Rico’s favorite artists for more than 20 years and the presentation of his most recent musical creation was what the Guatemalan singer-songwriter offered Ricardo Arjona, Saturday night at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, in the first of two performances in this venue of his world tour “Black and White Tour”.

With an attractive staging, as the artist is accustomed to presenting, Arjona began his presentation to a full house, with the songs “If I were”, “Dying to live” and “She”. It was followed by “Hongos” and two medleys made up of the songs “Apnea”, “Acompáñame a estar solo” and “El amor”; and “The problem”, “The crush and the sequel” and “No damage to third parties”, respectively.

Accompanied by a powerful band of musicians, he continued with hits such as “If the north was the south”, Lady of the four decades”, “Tell me no”, “Taxi story”, “I know you”, “Nude”, among others. , to conclude with his acclaimed hit “Mujeres” with which he satisfied his wide fanbase, made up mostly of female members.

Ricardo Arjona presented the “Black and White” concert at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in Puerto Rico. (Alejandro Granada)

As expected, Arjona’s concert was a review of the most emblematic hits of his career as a performer and composer, in a stage proposal that suggests an intimate and special evening. It was also the opportunity to listen to songs from his two emblematic recordings “Blanco y Negro”, made at the famous Abbey Road studios in London.

Ricardo Arjona will offer his second performance of this concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico this Sunday, June 12, starting at 7:00 p.m.

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