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Ricardo Arjona and the best moments of his concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico

His stop on Borincan soil with his tour “Blanco y Negro: Volver” was a must, since the relationship of the Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona with Puerto Rico has grown stronger and stronger over the decades. It was in this place, his home for several years, where the artist himself chose to finish his second round of this tour.

It is an audience that he holds captive, that does not hesitate or lose an opportunity to repeat and see his show, which he offered precisely in June of last year as part of the first stage of the “tour” in the same venue. It has had the same impact in various cities in Europe, the United States and Latin America, where it has inflamed crowds through 120 concerts.

During the night of Friday, it celebrated the first of two functions, in the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico, with which he has been adding his 18th and 19th performances in the so-called “Choliseo”. In an evening that began at 9:30 p.m., the 59-year-old singer sang “Night Animal,” “Dying to Live” and “Ella,” before greeting the audience, to whom he expressed feeling happy to be in this land.

“For me it is very exciting to be here tonight. Among many other things, my two Puerto Rican sons are here. If they find me particularly elegant, it’s their fault. I dressed as elegant as I could.”he expressed dressed in a black jacket and pants, white shirt and sports shoes.

He asked the audience not to pay attention to what he says “this boy who is standing here, who practically does not understand anyone. Do not believe what my mouth says and after the pandemic worse, ”he added. And it is that, during his exchanges with the public, there was room for criticism, raising awareness, telling childhood anecdotes and even giving advice to women when looking for a partner.

After a year, Ricardo Arjona returned to Puerto Rico, where he has a captivated fan base. (Stephanie Rojas)

Accompanied by a band of nine musicians, the repertoire of some 28 songs included “Cavemen”, “If the north were the south”, “I know you”, “The little I have”, “Taxi story”, as well as “Naked ”, “Minutes” and “Fuiste tú”, among other songs.

Although new songs have been added in his artistic career of almost 40 years, such as “Hongo”, which belongs to the two volumes of which his most recent record work “Blanco y Negro” is composed, the public made up of various generations -in mostly female-sang the iconic songs “Señora de las Cuatro Décadas” or the famous “Mujeres” as an anthem.

Nothing was so black and white, but it was an evening, which for more than two hours, was full of nuances; a successful one that will be repeated on Saturday night, July 1, in what will be its second show.

Next, we tell you the best moments of the show:

1. When interpreting “Come with me to be alone”, the singer and musician turned his attention to a lady located in the front row of the arena, who stood with a cell phone in hand, recording him excitedly. He asked her to put her cell phone aside so he could sing directly to her. “I’m going to give you two minutes without a cell phone,” said Arjona, while she covered her mouth due to the surprise caused. The moment, captured and presented on the large screens located at the ends of the stage, included when the lady’s companion arrived and kissed her on the head, which made those present laugh. “The things that happen when you put your cell phone aside, or when you go out to buy your girlfriend a drink,” the singer joked.

2. “Love”, “The problem” and “I know you” were the songs most chanted by an impetuous audience, which was screaming.

3. The hit “No damage to third parties” was one of the most emotional, the singer performing it sitting in profile and with dim light. She imposed the sentiment of her having only piano and violin for company, which drew applause.

4. The “medley” that included “Tell me no”, “When” and “How it hurts” resulted in one that evoked nostalgia, with which many raised their arms, while moving them from left to right.

The singer-songwriter closed his tour “Blanco y Negro: Volver" on the island.
The singer-songwriter closed his tour “Blanco y Negro: Volver” on the island. (Stephanie Rojas)

5. In a different version, in the gospel style, he sang the songs “Sobreviviste” and “Me enseñasté” along with the powerful voices of his backup singers.

6. With his inseparable guitar, he wanted to satisfy requests from his fans with songs like “Who would say”, “To you” and “My girlfriend” in an acoustic session.

7. Seeing the sign of a fan that read “Asignatura pending”, she took the opportunity to sing this very emotional song, which although she mentioned that she did not write it in Puerto Rico, she said it was a very special one since it was dedicated to the island, and that it was written and popularized by the Puerto Rican icon Ricky Martin. “From your little hand saying goodbye to me, that rainy afternoon in San Juan, from the kisses that I carry with me, which are only yours and I never gave you, because I was busy in heaven, I forgot that life is better on the ground, my Boricua, my Indian, my love, my pending subject”, was part of the excerpt that the public overflowing with feelings chanted.

8. At random, they focused on a 46-year-old woman named Gisela, located on the upper level, whom the singer invited to go on stage while she was jumping for joy and disbelief. She ran out until finally minutes later arriving at the veteran singer, who dedicated one of the most popular hits of her career to her, “Lady of the four decades”, with which many of those present felt alluded to.

9. The end of the evening was filled with deafening screams as they sang and indulged in the iconic and acclaimed song “Mujeres”.

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