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Returns “Titans” in its third season

The fun show “Titantos” starring readings on the daily life of women returns for a third season that begins on August 5 at the Santurce Fine Arts Center and that will be extended to several theaters on the Island.

Titans Season 3″ It is a different staging, honest, daring and full of laughter that recounts the daily madness that women live and that in its previous seasons has filled all its functions.

Six voices make up the cast of “Titans Season 3″: the first actress Marilyn Pupo, Lizmarie Quintana, Giselle, Norman Valentinethe author of the project, Uka Green and in her first presentation on stage, the journalist Aixa Vazquez. The piece is directed by Emineh de Lourdes and produced by Rafo Muñiz’s ProLat Entertainment.

“Titantos” was presented in 2016 and 2019, achieving 10 and 11 performances, respectively, totally filled by a mostly female audience that has found in this show a different experience and an invitation to laugh..

“It is a show for women and it has become an event for which groups are formed to attend and live the experience in complicity. The men also enjoy the show and I give it a voice through Normando, who represents them on stage”Uka Green explains.. “It is a show of dramatized voice readings, of stories that narrate that madness that women experience daily, what we think, what we say and what we do not say. The text is super funny, because we need shared laughter, and a lot”Add.

The tickets forTitans Season 3″ They are already available and can be purchased at or by calling 787-792-5000, in addition to the Santurce Fine Arts Center ticket office at 787-620-4444. They can follow titans on social media on facebook under Titantos and on Instagram under Uka Green.

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