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Rescue operation leaves 4 police officers and 6 alleged criminals dead in El Salto, Jalisco

During an operation by the Office of the Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons in Jaliscoa recorded confrontation in a safe house of the San Lorenzo neighborhood, in the conurbation municipality of El Salto.

The armed confrontation lasted more than an hour, and left a balance of 10 people dead, four of them are municipal police officers who were abducted and victimized by criminals, stated the attorney general, Luis Joaquin Méndez Ruiz.

“Knocking at the door are received and attacked, Unfortunately, they lose their lives inside, then the support of the El Salto police station arrives, also from the Secretary of Security, the exchange of shots begins to repel the aggression, and four deceased remain inside…”.

other dThe criminals were killed in adjoining farms, among which is the woman who received the police at the safe house; also people who had been reported missing were rescueds, for whom the search operation was undertaken.

The events occurred at the intersection of El Retorno and San Pablo streets, in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, where large-caliber and high-powered weapons and tactical equipment, in addition to military grenades, were seized; More than 200 bullet casings were recorded, struck during the confrontation, in which agents from the Prosecutor’s Office, the Mexican Army, the Metropolitan Police, as well as from other surrounding municipalities also intervened.

At the moment the review operation continues in the area, and four alleged criminals, three men and one woman, who have gunshot wounds, have been secured, for which they were treated by paramedics from the Cruz Verde and transferred to a hospital as of detainees.

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