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Reports of separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué are triggered: infidelity in the relationship?

The crisis that the couple formed by the Colombian singer seems to be experiencing Shakira and the footballer Gerard Piqué keep adding chapters. The newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya has exclusively published the reasons that have caused the possible breakup of the popular couple.

According to the Spanish media, the FC Barcelona footballer and defender has been unfaithful to Shakira. “The singer has caught him with another and they are going to separate,” says one of his journalists, who corroborates the news that was given in El Periódico about the Barça captain and the Colombian singer that they are going through a sentimental crisis and he returns to living alone for weeks in his old apartment on Muntaner street, in Barcelona.

The Spanish newspaper comments that the couple would be separated, at least physically, for a few days: “There are those who have seen, for a few weeks now, the Barça captain frequent, well, relive, spend nights and days, in his old flat on calle Muntaner, next to plaza Adrià”.

For their part, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez have been the two journalists who have given the exclusive of the soccer player’s infidelity in the Mamarazzis videopodcast. “Shakira would be aware of the disloyalty and would put a face and name to the third in discord. That is why she would have made the decision to separate, ”they commented to her more than five million followers.

It was at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when the crush between Shakira and Piqué occurred immediately, since then the couple has starred in one of the most mediatic romances in the entertainment world, she for being one of the most influential artists and he for his successful career as a footballer.

To date, many things have changed: they moved in together, they became parents, twice; they shouted her love from the rooftops and she even dedicated several of her songs to him; however, it seems that the fairy tale has come to an end.

In social networks, the theory has emerged that Shakira would have talked about the crisis that their relationship faces in her most recent single “I congratulate you”, since the lyrics include phrases such as: “To complete you I broke into pieces; They warned me, but I didn’t listen”, “I realized that yours is false; It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Shakira for several weeks has not shared any content with the father of her children, something that has surprised her fans.

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