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René Higuita’s drama: his 5-year-old godson was shot in the face during a robbery

A five-year-old boy, whose name did not transcend, but who is the godson of former Colombian goalkeeper René Higuita, was shot in the face by thieves who attacked the car in which he was traveling.

The former soccer player’s relative was returning with a man, identified as José Otilio Osorio Sandoval (58 years old), who was also seriously injured when they were attacked.

It happened this Friday night at kilometer 92 of the route that from the municipality of Uribia leads to Cabo de la Vela.

Who will occupy the arc of the Colombian team in the World Cup in Italy ’90 he turned to his social networks to request help to care for your relative in a nearby clinic in the city of Medellín.

“Social Service: last night on the road that communicates at the end of the candle, a friends were shot for robbing them, among the wounded is my 5-year-old godson who was hit in the face, I need a clinic in Medellín to receive it since it is very delicate.. Favor RT “, published the renowned former goalkeeper.

Three hours later, he added: “I have already been informed by several hospitals that receive the child, for which I thank you very much and all of you … now they are waiting for @GRUPOSURA to complete the referral and acceptance process, which since yesterday in the night was requested and still no answer“.

The minor was shot in the face and is in a delicate state of health, according to the local newspaper El Tiempo.

According to the Commander of the Guajira Police, Colonel Gabriel García, “apparently four hooded people come out carrying a firearm, they stop some vehicles that came in transit on that road axis and one of them does not stop, they decide to activate the weapon and as a result, it seems that two people are injured ”.

Neighbors of the municipality of Uribia denounced the incident through social networks.

They pointed out that the tourists were traveling aboard a Toyota with license plates PBK 289 from Puerto Berrio. The windshield registers about six bullet holes.

The National Police, once it became aware of the incident, deployed an operation in order to collect evidence and evidence in order to establish the mode, time and place of what happened, and capture those responsible.



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