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Remedies For Tooth Cavities: How To Eliminate Tooth Worms And What To Do If Tooth Decay? Try these home remedies and natural ways to get rid of cavity

Plaque accumulates on the teeth due to food and drink, this leads to the formation of bacteria, which stick to the surface of the teeth and gums. The bacteria produce acid, which can lead to cavities. Tooth worm damages the enamel of the teeth. Although cavities should be treated with dental treatment, some home remedies can strengthen teeth by removing worms and preventing cavities. Here are some such effective remedies.

Remedies to protect teeth from cavity Tips To Protect Teeth From Cavity

1. Oil pulling will remove the worms in the tooth

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method, through which teeth can be made clean and strong. This involves swirling a tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil around the mouth for about 20 minutes, then spitting it out. Indications from a research have been found that it can improve the health of teeth. It reduces bacteria, plaque and inflammation of the gums in the mouth.

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2. Aloe vera will remove tooth worms

Aloe vera tooth gel can help fight cavity-causing bacteria. The antibacterial effect of this gel prevents the build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Aloe vera is used along with tea tree oil as an effective cavity disinfectant.

Aloe Vera For Teeth Cavities: Aloe vera tooth gel can help fight cavity-causing bacteria.

3. Liquorice will cure tooth worms

The root of liquorice has antibacterial properties, which prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. A 2019 study found that its juice has antibacterial properties, which are more potent than fluoride mouthwash.

4. Avoid consuming sweet things

Eating and drinking more sweet things can be a problem of worms in the teeth. Sugar mixes with bacteria in the mouth and forms an acid, which damages the tooth enamel.

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5. Egg shells

Egg shells contain calcium which a person can use to help repair tooth enamel. It is also helpful in removing plaque from the teeth. According to a study, egg shells protect the teeth from acidic substances.

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