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Relief in Italy: Patient Zero who arrived from Africa with the Omicron variant suffers only mild symptoms

Patient Zero who came from Africa infected with the “horror variant” of the pandemic virus, he suffers only mild symptoms so far. His wife, two children and his two in-laws, to whom he transmitted the Omicron, also feel few disorders.

The news caused this Sunday a gigantic sigh of relief throughout Italy, very alarmed by the news that predicted a disastrous worsening of the fourth wave of the virus that has so far killed more than 134 thousand Italians and infected 5 million in 21 months.

“I am very satisfied that the vaccination has worked so well in my case and the rest of my family. We are all immunized and we suffer from a slight viral load ”, said the executive of the ENI, the Italian oil and gas giant that has become the character of the day although his identity has not been disclosed.

Since Saturday, when Italy admitted that one of the first infected to arrive in Europe was from this country, there has been a “crescendo” of concerns. New variant of Covid discovered by South African scientists is loaded with 32 mutations capable of wreaking great havoc, according to the hypotheses immediately launched by specialists from all over the world.

In Italy there was relief from the mild symptoms of Patient Zero. Photo EFE

The studies

All 32 Omicrom mutations have the potential to penetrate the body in depth multiplying contagions and weakening until the resistance capacity of vaccines is sterilized.

But the little time that has passed between the discovery of the Omicrom variant and the increasing spread of alarms, allow scientists to only launch hypotheses, it must be at least three weeks.

Patient Zero and his relatives are living testimony of the consequences that the new South African variant can produce. The character is 48 years old, he is an executive of the ENI and is in isolated quarantine with his relatives at his house in Caserta, near Naples.

Interviewed this afternoon by a radio, he said: “Considering the soft symptoms of me and my family that I infected, and that includes people between 8 and 81 years old, I can say that the infection has so far manifested itself in mild form”.

A large patrol of specialist doctors and technicians constantly monitor the entire family.

A hospital in Rome with a long line to get vaccinated.  ANSA photo

A hospital in Rome with a long line to get vaccinated. ANSA photo

Italy is mobilized with the measures to counteract the disastrous irruption of the Omicrom variant. Patient Zero arrived on the 11th of this month on a plane at the Roman airport of Fiumicino. The 133 passengers and crew members who accompanied him on the flight are now isolated and undergoing tests to find out if they have been infected.

The ENI “manager” resides in Mozambique, which is now part of the crown of six southern African nations over which a system of global isolation is developing.

Patient Zero went to his house in Caserta for a few days. The purpose of the trip was to undergo a routine medical examination like all ENI officials abroad.

The appointment was in Milan and the business leader was controlled on Tuesday the 16th. They also did a monoclonal test to establish the possible contagion of the coronavirus.

But this information is not immediately known and patient Cero traveled to Rome to catch a plane at the Fiumicino airport back to his headquarters in Mozambique. A phone call warned him that he was testing positive for contagion.

The man then decided to return home to Caserta. His relatives were also checked there. They were all infected.

The students of the two classes in the school that their children attend they were immediately isolated in quarantine.


New controls on entry movements to Italy have been deployed on all Italian borders since this Sunday. The measures are particularly meticulous at large airports, especially Fiumicino (Rome) and Malpensa (Milan). This Saturday Italy banned flights from the six countries in Africa quarantined, like most countries in the world.

An impressive result of the collective fear caused by the news of the alleged lethal potency of the Omicrom, was the stampede of the people towards the vaccination sites. In the San Giovanni hospital in Rome there was a growth of 40% in a single day, cThere were long lines of people who came to get inoculated.

84% of Italians over the age of twelve are vaccinated and three million have already received reinforcements of a third dose that the entire population will receive to compensate for the weakening of the defense of the vaccines six months after inoculation.

The fourth wave of the pandemic continues to slowly worsen and it is feared that by Christmas there will be 20 thousand infected daily, although thanks to the vaccines the seriously ill and deceased are 20% of the cases that were registered a year ago.



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