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Released 3 linked to the murder of journalist Jacinto Romero; union accuses impunity

Three people linked to the murder of the journalist Jacinto Romero were released due to an injunction provided by a federal judge, which sparked criticism from the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, and the State Commission for Attention and Protection of Journalists.

Garcia Jimenez He accused the federal judges of protecting criminals and said that he is suspicious of their actions, since he defended the way in which the investigation files were integrated by the State Attorney General’s Office.

The state official assured that the same federal judge and the same magistrates reviewed an amparo promoted by the alleged person responsible for the murder of the former mayor of Tihuatlán, Nicanor Martínez, who was also released.

For this reason, he explained that it is suspicious that the same people are receiving the cases, since the cases must be rotated as they arrive.

The State Commission for Attention and Protection of Journalists pointed out in a statement that this decision contributes to there is impunity in crimes committed against journalists.

“The decision made by the Second Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters of the Seventh Circuit of the Judicial Power of the Federationwhich protects the three people who had been charged by the Veracruz State Attorney General’s Office, feeds the spiral of impunity in crimes against journalists and sets a bad precedent in the matter, in addition to preventing access to justice for victims direct and indirect,” he said.

Romero Flores was assassinated last August 19, 2021in Ixtaczoquitlán, in Veracruz, for which the institution called for the case to be clarified and for there to be no impunity.

“The recent events show a dysfunctional justice system that has failed journalism and those who have lost their lives because of their journalistic exercise.

“They also make clear the need for all State apparatuses, before politicizing justice or evading responsibilities, to recognize that violence against journalists is a matter of public interest that affects the life of an entire society and, consequently, provide the necessary human, financial, and material resources to prevent attacks and protect the integrity of communicators, but also to investigate crimes committed against journalists and give exemplary punishment to those who violate freedom of expression,” the commission said. .

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