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Rejection of senators of Together for the Change to the British maneuvers in the Malvinas Islands

After Argentina rejected at the end of last month the new deployment of British military weapons in the Malvinas Islands, senators from Together for Change presented a project to repudiate movements.

The senator Paul Daniel Whitefrom Tierra del Fuego, presented a project together with a group of his bench to express concern and repudiation for the installation of new batteries of anti-aircraft missiles of the Sky-Sabre type in the Malvinas Islands.

They argued in a statement that this action “implies a arms escalation in the geopolitical situation in the South Atlantic, an affront to the countries of the region and to the international community since such action implies a flagrant contravention of Resolution No. 31/49 of the United Nations General Assembly”.

Senators Luis Naidenoff, Gabriela Valenzuela, Ignacio Agustín Torres, María Belén Tapia, Mario Fiad, Eduardo Vischi, Alfredo De Ángeli, Víctor Zimmermann, Beatriz Ávila, Edith Terenzi, Alfredo Cornejo, Flavio Fama, Dionisio Scarpin, Carmen Alvarez Rivero, Julio Martinez, and Eduardo Costa.

Senator Pablo Daniel Blanco, from Together for Change. Photo Federico Lopez Claro

“The almost immediate incorporation to the Malvinas Islands of said material implies, from the point of view of the conflict over the sovereignty of the Malvinas, Georgias and South Sandwich Islands, a flagrant military escalation completely unjustified in the current context of said scenario and works in the opposite direction to the Charter of the United Nations with regard to the peaceful solution of conflicts”, they estimated.

In addition, Blanco indicated that the deployment also implies “a reprehensible disregard and contempt for resolution 31/49 of the United Nations General Assembly, which, among other more general aspects, urges the parties to refrain from adopting unilateral decisions that involve the introduction of unilateral modifications to the situation”.

What is the antiaircraft system

The Sky Saber anti-aircraft system in the Malvinas Islands constitutes a armed defense airborne, ground-based, new generation coming to replace missiles of the Rapier type and that triple its scope, detailed the Argentine Foreign Ministry through a statement.

It has long been known that the UK had acquired such a system. It was originally going to be installed in 2020, but the pandemic delayed its deployment.

The Royal Navy held an event in late January to mark the official introduction of the Sky Saber system to replace the 50-year-old Rapier. And last October, British Colonel Graham Taylor had been to the Islands for the informal team changeover.

The Sky Saber is a new generation ground-based air defense system that was to replace the Rapier System used by the British Army in the Falkland Islands.

It has an effective range of up to 25 kilometers, providing 360° defense against aerial threats in all weather conditions. That upgrade triples the Rapier’s range, which is up to 8 kilometers.

diplomatic crossing

Last Sunday, the government of Great Britain came out to cross the support that China gave to Argentina in its claim for sovereignty in the Falkland Islands, after that diplomatic issue was one of the points of the agreement signed by Alberto Fernández and Xi Jinping.

“We completely reject any challenge to the sovereignty of the Falklands (sic). The Falklands are part of the British family and we will defend their right to self-determination,” he wrote. Liz TrussMinister to the Crown Majesty for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

“China must respect the sovereignty of the Falklands,” added the British official in a statement through her Twitter account.



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