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Reduction of operations in the AICM can be extended up to a year: Viva Aerobus

The reduction of operations at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) it could extend for two seasonsthat is, that of winter already planned and that of next summerso this decrease would affect airlines during at least one year.

“It has not been confirmed if it will be one season or two, it may be up to two or more, it may be. In AICM we do not have growth plansthe only way to grow is to change small teams with large ones”, said Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of long live aerobus.

A couple of weeks ago, the federal government announced an agreement with the airlines to cut the 15 percent of flightsabout 150 dailyat the airport of the capital to carry out a series of works in the airport terminal 2.

In an interview with the media, the director of the airline indicated that the reduction had already been discounted in itinerary planning and will not affect the passengers.

On the other hand, Zuazua assured that the saturation of the airport terminal is evidentso no studies were needed to support the reduction, although, instead, the best practices dictated by the ICAOin collaboration with the IATAfor temporary reductions in airports.

On the other hand, Viva Aerobus presented its reward program Doters for travelers, which will allow those who join get discounts, points for traveling, reward ticketsamong other benefits, such as the payment of the TUA.

The intention of the airline is to affiliate 3 million customers in the first year of operation of the program.

Mexicana’s ‘Tianguis’ caused ‘economic damage’ to the AICM

After the Mexicana de Aviación counter area was vacated this Friday, the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) explained that this action was motivated because the space taken by the airline employees caused “the breakdown” of the airport.

“The way in which this space was being occupied and the activities that were carried out in it, caused the economic loss of the AICM, insecurity for users and unfair competition to formal commerce”, he explained.

Through a statement, the AICM clarified that this area had been illegally occupied since 2011, for which it requested a diligence to deliver this place.

The airport added that the eviction was voluntary, transparent and without any act of violence from both parties and specified that “none of the occupants accredited belonging to any union.”

It also reiterated that this act was carried out “essentially in security reasons which must privilege authorized users, operators and service providers”.

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