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Red Bull boss pays €4,700 at auction to spy on Mercedes factory

Anything goes in the Formula 1 team war and if it is put on the table at a charity auction a visit to the factory of your maximum rival must be taken advantage of. So thought the boss of the Red Bull team, Christian Horner, when he saw that a visit to the Mercedes factory was up for auction.

The head of Red Bull paid the overwhelming figure of 4,745 euros, according to the web portal ‘Racing News 365’, in said charity auction to be able to see first-hand how and with what Mercedes works, something that surely has not liked anything in said factory.

“Adrian Newey, Pierre Waché and probably Paul Field, our production manager find it interesting to go and see how they are managing the budget ceiling. It was all for a good cause,” said Horner, laughing and with a certain sarcasm.

Horner, who was close to reaching a bid of 5,000 euros, saw how no one else exceeded his ordeal in a big way, but of course, everything indicates that if that visit finally takes place, Mercedes will be in charge of ‘cleaning’ and hiding everything that is susceptible to ‘espionage’.


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