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Real Madrid or Liverpool: which finalist has higher value players?

The real Madrid faces the Liverpool at the end of the Champions League of the 2021-2022 season. The bookmakers discount a victory for the British team, with a rate of 11/10, while the meringues theoretically start at a disadvantage, since their victory would be paid with a ratio of 8/5. However, most football experts agree that, if Real Madrid overcomes the initial pressure from Liverpool, the drive and winning character of Carlo Ancelotti’s team could swing the match in favor of the Merengues.

In an economic key, what do we know about the players who will jump onto the pitch? To answer this question, let’s imagine for a moment that the eleven starting players of Real Madrid and Liverpool go on sale. What added value would the complete sale of the stars of both squads have? The modeling carried out by KPMG indicates that the cost of signing the Real Madrid players one by one would amount to 242 million euros, while doing the same with their rivals Liverpool would mean an outlay of 247 million euros.

These data would seem to indicate that the market value of the British team’s squad is slightly higher, but we must not forget that, to the extent that Luka Modric’s contract expires this June, his transfer would not involve any outlay. On the other hand, if we assign the Croatian an intermediate value, between the 26 million that are assigned to a hypothetical sale of Toni Kroos and the 62 million that are estimated for the scenario of a supposed sale of Casemiro, the valuation of the white squad would rise by 44 million, reaching 286 million and exceeding 15% the joint “price” of the holders of the networks.

Therefore, if we take KPMG’s modeling as a reference, it is not possible to definitively answer the above question if we stick only to the market value of the holders. On the other hand, if we review the data offered by TransferMarkta benchmark portal in the football transfer market, we find that the joint assessment of everybody the players of both teams would be 19% higher in the case of the British.

It seems clear, then, that the match is presented as even, at least if we look at the market valuation of its protagonists. Thus, while the eleven starters of Real Madrid achieve a valuation 15% higher than that of their Liverpool counterparts, the entire squad of the British club reaches an aggregate price 19% higher.

Other variables

Another economic metric of interest is the one that compares income Y bills obtained in the market signings. Taking the last two seasons as a reference, the English team has a negative balance of 124.95 million euros. On the other hand, if we look at the data for the whole of Spain, the truth is that the accumulated result shows a positive balance of 151.2 million.

Therefore, the comparison between sales and player contracts shows a gap of up to 276.15 million between Liverpool and Real Madrid. This reveals that the recent investments of the networks have been more intense than those of whites, despite which the middle Ages of the players is very similar: 27.2 years in the case of the madridistas who played the semi-final against Manchester City and 27.5 years in the case of the networks who faced Villarreal in the last knockout round.

Generate more income

In the current context of the football market, marked by the distortions generated by the “dirty money” arrived from the Arab and Russian petrodictatorships, reaching the final of the Champions League also contains a necessary budget boost. The results obtained in the previous rounds have meant 105 million revenues for Real Madrid and 115 million for Liverpool. The final winner will receive a 4.5 million prize, to which will be added the 3.5 million associated with participation in the next European Super Cup.

But as well as doing well on the field, both teams are striving for more non-sports income. Liverpool has renovated its stadium and, in the three years prior to the pandemic, managed to raise the revenue generated by each game played at Anfield by 35%. Real Madrid, for its part, has dedicated 725 million to the reform of the Santiago Bernabéu, but it is already achieving new sources of income derived from the modernization. Thus, the Board of Directors chaired by Florentino Pérez has closed an agreement valued at 360 million through which part of the management of its new stadium will fall into the hands of the companies Sixth Street and Legends. On the other hand, the annual turnover of the venue should rise to a range of between 300 and 320 million, almost doubling current levels.

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