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Real Madrid leaves the US with its eyes set on the new FIFA tournament

He real Madrid He has already finished his pre-season for the United States and there is still a long way to go to see if the next one will be there, although everything indicates that he will return. It has been the norm for many years for Real Madrid to prepare there for the new season.

What is certain is that the white club will return in June 2025 to play the new FIFA tournament on American soil. This new competition will be like a World Cup, but between clubs, where there will be 32 participants, and it will be played every four years.

Having achieved the 14 will allow Real Madrid play the first edition of this tournament in United States. Having been champion of the Champions League in the 2021-22 season gives them a direct pass to be one of the 12 European teams in the tournament. The other teams that are guaranteed their participation are the Chelseachampion of the 2020-21, and the Manchester City, winner of this last edition. The winner of this upcoming edition will also have a direct pass.

The eight remaining clubs The results from 2020-21 to 2023-24 will come out among those with the best coefficient in these last four years. The only drawback is that there is a limit of two clubs per countryexcept that a country has two winning teams in the Champions League, which happens with the English.

It is not yet known if Real Madrid will play the next pre-season on American soil, but what is certain is that they will try to go all out in this new FIFA competition.

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