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Ready for strong two-way dialogue with Pakistan: US envoy

The US Secretary of State and Bilawal Bhutto met on the sidelines of the Food Security Summit in New York on May 18.


Donald Blom, the new US ambassador to Pakistan, has said that his country wants to have a strong two-way dialogue with Islamabad. This information has been given in a news. According to the news, Blom indicated that his country intends to move forward ignoring allegations of “change of power” leveled by former prime minister Imran Khan on the US and that the US is ready to have stronger two-way communication with Pakistan. Ambassador Blom took charge of the US mission in Pakistan late last month amid tremendous challenges to bilateral ties.


The former prime minister had alleged that he was ousted through an American conspiracy to “change power”. Khan was ousted from power on 10 April through a motion of no confidence. The US, however, has denied Khan’s allegations several times. In an interview to the Dawn newspaper, Bloom dismissed Imran Khan’s allegation of a “change of power”, saying Washington had a “very clear” view on it. “However, I think one of the best things we can do going forward is to continue to engage at all levels of Pakistani society, as we have been doing for the last 75 years,” he said. ,

He said that this engagement will not be limited to the government but will be extended to political leaders, business community, civil society and youth. He said that in this two-way communication, he would “listen to and understand” what was happening here and would convey that understanding to Washington. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of State Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari met on the sidelines of a food security conference in New York on May 18.

Blom said that a number of plans are being made based on the agenda set by the two foreign ministers in their meeting. The ambassador recalled the “partnership” between the two countries as a good example of cooperation on health against the global COVID-19 pandemic. He said that cooperation can be expanded to other areas including health, climate change and education.

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