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Raymond Arrieta manages to raise more than a million dollars in his walk “Da vida”

After days of intense effort and mostly marked by rainy weather, the presenter and comedian Raymond Arrieta excitedly announced that he managed to raise the approximate figure of $ 1.3 million in the 13th edition of the “Da vida” walk, for the benefit of the Puerto Rico Cancer Hospital.

The event that began on Monday in Caguas, culminated today in the parking lot of the last Urban Train station in Bayamón.

“We have already arrived … five days walking as we promised to the Oncology Hospital, which we wanted to do to continue their treatment, to bring them hope,” said the artist at the end of his tour and integrated with his fellow program “Day by day”, who dedicated part of its transmission from the place of arrival.

“On the second day of the walk I got home and told my wife that I couldn’t take it anymore, that I was going to stop, that I couldn’t take it anymore,” Arrieta confessed to the point of tears. “The third day when I walked from Hatillo to Arecibo I cheered, the people helped me, the affection of the people, we were able to achieve it. From now on I tell you that next year I will walk again, “he said.

“Thanks to those volunteers for accompanying us these five days, Medical Emergencies, the Police, the Firefighters, but above all, to the people of Puerto Rico who were always present no matter the rain, because be careful that we caught a lot of rain,” he explained in a transmission which included testimonies and messages of hope.

The presenter advanced plans to withdraw on hike number 15, which will be in 2023, and for which he considers a route from San Juan to Ponce. “Let’s see who dares, and we are going to take that money to the hospital.”

He also announced his hope of achieving a total contribution of $ 20 million as a result of 15 years of commitment to cancer patients and survivors.

On today’s route, in addition to volunteers and the public that admires him, the presenter was accompanied by the urban interpreter Guaynaa and the mayor of Bayamón, Ramon Luis Rivera.

Since Monday, during the journey of about 8 miles a day that covered towns such as Carolina, San Juan, Hatillo, Trujillo Alto and Arecibo, he was also accompanied by personalities such as Andrés Jiménez Álex Cora, Eddie Rosario and Oscar Serrano, among others.

The situation for the COVID-19 changed the dynamics of holding the massive event. Last year the presenter performed a dynamic walk from the studio on a treadmill, and managed to raise an approximate sum of $ 1,190,708.99. This year, the rise of cases in the summer caused the original date, which would be in September, to be postponed to December.


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