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Rauw Alejandro sings “Se fue” after Rosalía sings “Our love broke”

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia They staged a musical duel during the gala of the Latin Grammy held in Seville, where the Puerto Rican scored an original version of the ‘He went away’ of Laura Pausiniand the other Spanish one, no less special, from ‘Our love broke’, that popularized Rocío Jurado.

It was the first public event in which the two artists met after their unexpected breakup last July, which ended a three-year relationship and in which the couple even announced their engagement.

First it was Rosalía who got on the stage of the Seville Congress and Exhibition Palace (FIBES) to sing, with some modifications, ‘Se nos roto el amor’, a song by Manuel Alejandro which became one of the emblematic themes of the Jury.

“Our love broke from using it so much or not using it,” added the Catalan, accompanied by an extensive flamenco painting located on a stage covered in plastic.

The applause filled the room, although it was no less when Rauw Alejandro went on stage and began to sing ‘He went away’, one of the key songs in Laura Pausini’s career.

The Puerto Rican also introduced some changes to the lyrics. “Nothing is left for me without her.”said the singer, contributing the masculine vision to Pausini’s song, from which he chose verses that say: “The sweet honey that I tasted on her lips was gone. She left, I was left with only her poison.”

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