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Raquel Sofía presents her life lessons in love in a new album

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Rachel Sofia presents his new album “Lessons of a life screwing it up in love”a production that, according to a press release, shows many facets of the artist with an influence of musical styles that she likes, capturing her essence and doing what she feels.

According to the information, the production, which was in charge of Stefano Vieni, reflects the experiences that the artist lived and, likewise, reflected the processes that she was going through during the creation of this album that is now available on all digital platforms. .

Cover of the album “Lessons of a life screwing it up in love” (Supplied)

“I made this album with all the freedom, with the sound and the stories that I want to tell. It represents all the different sides of who I am and for all the processes I went through during the recording of it,” the artist explained in the statement.

“For example, the pandemic passed in the middle of creating my album, I separated from my partner and at the time I returned with him. Also, during this stage I embarked on an adventure as an independent artist and this has represented another challenge in my career”, she detailed.

This album, which has very simple collaborations and visuals to accompany each song, is also unpretentious. Parallel to the release, “Plan Z” is one of the songs that was chosen to promote this album and in which the also Puerto Rican collaborates. Pedro Capo.

“Plan Z is a song that many people of my generation will be able to identify with, because of how real it is, and because there are no other songs with this type of message. I invited Pedro Capó to sing with me, because in addition to being a great friend and a traveling companion for years, he is someone who has also had to fight for what he has, “added the artist.

The video, which is already available on her YouTube channel, was directed by Íñigo Abaroa and the song was composed by the singer-songwriter herself and her producer Stefano Vieni.

“This song is for everyone who turns 30 and realizes that things didn’t go as planned. The lyrics have a bit of comedy and celebrate life’s mistakes and imperfections,” he explained.

“Lessons of a life screwing up in love”, is now available on all digital platforms.

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