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Raphy Pina makes an unimaginable gift to her aunts

This afternoon, the producer raphy pina shared a piece of the original series “Everybody Loves Natti”in which she unveiled an unexpected surprise for her aunts, as part of one of the episodes broadcast exclusively on Prime Video.

The footage was accompanied by the following message: “Of the most satisfying achievements in my life, this is one. I know that my father used me for this purpose and that is why I continue with the faith that one day I will see him again. Keep watching this series on Amazon, I know you will like it and you will identify. #everybodylovesnatti.”

In the video of the series, which premiered on November 19 of last year, in which the urban exponent Natti Natasha opened the doors of his home in Miami to share details of his private life, the producer is seen with paper in hand and mentioned: “I want to give a letter to each of my aunts, which I wrote in my own handwriting, which is not I’ve been doing it for a long time”, he said while mentioning that he loved them and the pride he feels for them.

“I want to give you this to keep forever and I want to tell you that I’m going to pay off your houses and you don’t need anything to worry about and don’t worry about anyone.”He said in a rueful voice, surrounded by Natti Natasha and her children.

Between crying and hugging, the scene of the manager of daddy yankee along with two aunts who were present at the time.

It is not the first time that the renowned producer has made this type of gift. In December 2019, he surprised all three of his children with huge Christmas gifts. Under the tree, Santa Claus left a dollar for each of the children as part of a lesson that Pina wanted to teach her family, as she shared in a video on social media.

Once they woke up on Christmas day, the producer surprised the three children by giving each one a house so that they “continue to be together in their growth”. Pina has three children, the result of two sentimental relationships, and the most recent Vida Isabel, product of her relationship with the interpreter of “Criminal”.

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