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Raphy Pina and Natti Natasha are infected with COVID-19

The urban music artist manager Raphy Pina Nieves and her partner, the singer Natti Natasha, announced tonight, Wednesday, that they were infected with COVID-19.

The announcement of the positive result – which also includes your children Antonio Y Mine pina– The producer also made it on his social networks.

However, he clarified that the daughter he recently had with Natti Natasha, Lifeas well as the other of his sons, Rafael Jr.They are “very well” and under strict supervision.

“Please those people who have been close to us in the past 48 hours, we ask that you do the test and isolate yourself in quarantine. The COVID pandemic can touch anyone so do not lower your guard, protect yourself and get your vaccine booster “, they read the statements.

Pina Nieves is under house restriction after a jury found him guilty on December 22 for violations of federal gun law. The entrepreneur has a shackle and can only leave his home for medical, religious and court appearances.

The sentence will be issued by the federal judge Francisco Besosa next April 1. He faces 20 years in prison for the two charges he faced for possession of a firearm illegally modified to fire automatically and for possession of firearms by a person who was convicted of a felony.

Puerto Rico experiences a rise in COVID-19 cases. Last Monday, the country scored a new record for infections, with at least 12,229 reported cases. Currently, the positivity rate stands at 25.65%, according to preliminary data from the Department of Health.

The daily government report indicated that hospitalizations rose to 307: 223 are adults and 84 are minors. This global number of hospitalizations represents the highest number registered since last September 13. Meanwhile, the number of minors hospitalized for COVID-19 is one of the highest recorded since the emergency began.


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