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Rafa Nadal, the musketeer of the fourteen crowns at Roland Garros

It’s unstoppable. No one can beat Rafa Nadal in a Roland Garros final and on this occasion, in 2022, the Norwegian Casper Ruud could not do it either. Nadal has become champion of the Parisian tournament again today and with this title he already has fourteen wounds on French clay and a devastating record of 22 Grand Slams.

With this title, the legend of Nadal surpasses everything that has been seen before in any sport. If already at 13 he was an alien with a Spanish passport, at 14, Rafa Nadal’s reign is eternal. And not only for adding 14 titles but for his unbeaten performance in the big events. He has never lost a final at the Philippe Chatrier.

Among the victims who have fallen at the hands of Rafa we find Ruud himself, Federer four times, Djokovic three times, Thiem twice and Mariano Puerta, David Ferrer, Soderling and Wawrinka once. Nobody has been able to with him, not even the best players in history at the best moment of their respective careers. In Paris, Rafa is invincible.

The game, with the respect that Ruud deserves, was as expected. Rafa took the first set with relative ease 6-3 and from there everything was falling under its own weight. 6-3 in the second and 6-0 in the third to overwhelm a Ruud who showed his face without having the fortune of finding even a miserable prize.

With this title, Nadal reaches the spectacular figure of 22 Grand Slams, leaving both Djokovic and Federer with 20. Only Margaret Court with 24 and Serena Williams with 23 have won more in the world of tennis. For her part, Steffi Graf has already been equaled by Nadal with 22 bites at the Grand Slams.

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