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Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico celebrates its 42 years on the air

Chain Radio University of Puerto Ricowith stations in San Juan and Mayagüez, celebrates its 42nd anniversary today with a special program that began this morning at 6:00 am

“Every celebration is framed in the mood of a point and followed; to celebrate a legacy and advance the creative development of excellent programming. On the forty-second anniversary of Radio Universidad, we welcome the commitment to advance in a quality trajectory, and serve citizens, with a whole world of music and information”, said the general director of the public radio station, José Ortiz Valladares.

In keeping with the celebration, the station will have a special program starting at 6:00 a.m. that began with the morning program “Alborada”, followed by “Hoy en las Noticias” and from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. a special program with producers Judith Felicié and Elmer González, who will share music from the 80s, comments and anecdotes.

Starting at 10:00 am, the program “Archivo Sonoro” will be broadcast, with select pieces that are considered programming gems, about the music and history of Puerto Rican Hernando Avilés, founding member of the Trio Los Panchos.

In the afternoon, the various spaces will continue broadcasting the Marhaban, African Rumba and Son de Cuba music programs. Special interviews will follow in the programs “Hilando Fino” about social sciences and in “Voz y Cultura”, about music and education. In the “Health and Nutrition” program, Vilma Calderón will share the importance of these concepts in Puerto Rico during the past four decades and will be followed by “Even the stones speak”, about history and archaeology.

Radio Universidad (WRTU 89.7 FM San Juan and 88.3 FM, Mayagüez) configures a chain of educational stations located in the Río Piedras and Mayagüez campuses of the University of Puerto Rico.

It began its operations on February 8, 1980, and is attached to the recently established Faculty of Communication and Information (FaCi), formerly the School of Public Communication.

For his part, Professor Jorge Santiago Pintor, interim dean of the Faculty of Communication and Information (FaCI), indicated that “for 42 years, Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico has demonstrated its great contribution and service to the community through its various musical programs. and informative”.

The station has also served as a training and workshop space for students and teachers.

“Its academic value is recognized by the accrediting agency for Communication programs, and its cultural and musical value is evidenced by the consistent support of the RadioAmigos of this public station. We are very happy and proud of the road traveled, but even more committed to its future development”, said Santiago Pintor

Educational and practical center

Radio Universidad’s facilities include radio, television and film units, which serve as a practice center for future communications professionals. Radio Universidad’s mission is to serve the community through programming that educates, informs and entertains.

The news and informative spaces that are transmitted through its radio waves, expose the most pressing issues of the public university system as well as in the main areas of Puerto Rican society. “Hoy en las Noticias” brings together professionals, along with communications and journalism students, in a news space that represents an alternative to commercial content. Similarly, Radio Universidad includes programming that encompasses in-depth discussions and considered analysis of local and international issues, directed by personalities from the academic, cultural and social world.


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