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‘Race of vipers’, Calderón tells AMLO by Christmas message

The christmas message that Andrés Manuel López Obrador published on Christmas Eve found an answer in former president Felipe Calderón.

On Friday, the president asked to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

“Today at midnight, more than two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was born, and many, still freethinkers and other religions, they recognize him for his love to the poor and forgotten. Gandhi used to say: ‘I don’t know of anyone who has done more for humanity than Jesus.’ Let us follow their example. Congratulations, “he posted on his Twitter account.

To this the PAN replied, who pointed out that charity and hatred cannot be promoted at the same time.

“To those who say 1 thing but practice another, Jesus says “Whitewashed tombs and a race of vipers” “That’s how you are: on the outside they appear to be honest people, but on the inside they are full of hypocrisy and evil,” he posted on his Twitter account.

The confrontations between both characters have been common in the six-year term. One of the most recent was when Calderón criticized the preparation of Elizabeth Garcia Vilchis, in charge of the section ‘Who’s who of the lies of the week’.

“Traveling on a train that does not exist, based on manipulating the images with prerecorded videos. Let the young lady who can’t read in her section of lies of the week take them out. And that he does not say that ‘it is not false but it is exaggerated,’ “Calderón wrote in early December.

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