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Queralt and Ben: silver in snowboarding, gold in love

Today, after posting the show’s podcast on Twitter, a kind listener, and in this case also a kind reader from what I see, whose nickname is RakaNui, asked me to do something so that the, in quotes, journalistic nobility would be complimentary or be remembered and highlighted as the success of our Queralt Castellet in the Winter Olympics that are being held in the Chinese city of Beijing. The ultimate goal of our friend is noble but, in my opinion, and with all the respect and affection in the world, the shot is off target, dear Twitter user, because today, precisely today, after winning the silver medal, Queralt will be interviewed by everyone nightly sports programs except probably The First Stickwill cover the front pages of the newspapers that will come out tomorrow, it will be the protagonist in the sports section of the news and on Saturday, or rather Friday night, or to be completely exact on Friday at lunchtime, Queralt will be history and snowboarding a sport for weirdos in a country with little snow like ours.

Now I’ll go with Queralt’s medal, RakaNui, don’t worry, but first, if you’ll allow me, I’ll put EsRadio’s, which is such an independent and free radio station that it even has a nightly sports program that talks about boxing. We are so rare that this past Tuesday we spoke in the first stick, and in the Tolo Leal section, by Miguel Poblet; and, before him, we did Lilí Álvarez, the Marquis of Portago, Joaquín Blume. There will be those who think that Martian Chronicles It is the name of a TV program but no, it is the title of a book by Ray Bradbury that gave its name to the TV program that later, many years later, would be directed by Javier Sardá. The same thing happens with Blume and there will be those who think that it is the name of a residence of the Higher Sports Council but before that it was the name and surname of the best Spanish gymnast of all time. For the journalistic nobility I don’t know but for us, who are working middle class, snowboarding is the most normal thing in the world. In its day we had a mountaineering section with César Pérez de Tudela, who gives a thousand laps to all those who are now doing their first steps on TV, and we have another section, that of the Best Sportsman in History, in which, thanks to the help of Guillermo Domínguez, we have talked about darts, muay thai, bowling, billiards, crossfit and even a horse, Secretariat; for speaking we have even spoken of a charioteer, Gaius Apuleius Diocles, who has been raising mallows for at least 1,900 years. And because? Because it amuses us and because it is important to have fun in life.

in 2014 to Ben Jolly He was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. More or less a year later, in 2015, the 29-year-old New Zealander decided to take his own life and committed suicide in his house, which he shared with our protagonist today, Queralt Castellet. Because Ben and Queralt were her partner and he was also her coach. I will not ask you to put yourself in his place so corny because that is impossible. Nor that you imagine Queralt’s pain because that pain is unacceptable. I only ask you to stay with the ending, which is as happy as it can be. In 2015, Queralt Castellet, a great practitioner of a sport that is of little interest in Spain and that only finds the echo of the press if he wins an Olympic medal, a world star of snowboarding except here, in his country, he was left without a partner, without love, no coach and no personal references. lost it allwanted to leave it, wanted to go back, wanted to leave it again, left it and came back and, when he came back he did it to fight more than ever and probably, although I don’t want to get into people’s subconscious, to dedicate today to Ben Jolly his medal.

There are those who see in the dracula by Bran Stoker a horror book but it is not, it is actually a romantic book. Call me corny if you want, maybe you’re right, but I don’t see Queralt’s silver medal as a sporting success, which it undoubtedly is; or, to put it better, I don’t see in Queralt’s silver only a sporting triumph but a beautiful romantic story with a lot of suffering and the culmination of the triumph of love… Nevertheless. That is why today I do not want to talk so much about Queralt Castellet’s medal but about the heroic way he had to overcome, fight and overcome pain, which must have been immense and indescribable. I am not going to say that behind each Olympic medal or behind each diploma there is a story like that of Queralt and Ben because it would not be true, but there is a lot of suffering in solitude in pursuit of reaching a goal in the face of absolute and total indifference. Today Queralt has it, he has our attention, although he surely knows that tomorrow he will lose it. It is an ephemeral and interested attention. But she won’t mind because the attention he’s always required, the attention he’s been seeking for seven years, is Ben Jolly’s. Silver in snowboarding, gold in love, that can do everything.


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