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Qatar now admits “between 400 and 500” workers killed in the World Cup construction sites

Hassan Al-Thawadione of the leaders of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, has recognized the death of “between 400 and 500” migrant workers during preparations for the tournament.

In an interview with the British channel TalkTV, Al Thawadi has admitted these deaths, after the British newspaper Guardian carry out an investigation that estimated the deaths at 6,500.

Until now, Qatar had only acknowledged the death of 40 migrants in the construction of stadiums. “Every year the security at these sites is getting better. I think in general, the need for labor reform indicates that improvements are needed. This is something that we recognized before carrying out the candidacy. The best that have been produced has not been for the World Cup. We have had to do them because of our values,” admits Al Thawadi.

“The World Cup has served as an accelerator,” he added.

Regarding the number of dead workers, the manager has assured that it is “between 400 and 500”. I don’t have the exact number, but a death is a death, it’s too much. It’s clear and simple.”

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