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Putin’s future is in The Hague

MIAMI, FL.- Bucha, a city of 35 thousand inhabitants, close to the capital of Ukraine, will go down in history.

That marked the turning point of Russia’s war against Ukraine. That name, Bucha, should take Vladimir Putin to the International Criminal Court based in The Hague.

The Russian Army withdrew from the city and dozens of corpses of civilians, some elderly, were left on the streets, who were murdered in cold blood and left with their hands tied behind their backs.

The dissemination of videos and photographs showing the horror of Putin’s Army shocked the world.

Well, not everyone. There were a few wretches who echoed Putin’s lie that it was a set-up.

Offensive is the position of some governments that in the UN condemn the invasion, but continue to make purchases from Russia.

That is to say, I condemn your invasion, but I finance it for you.

Luis de Vega, a Spanish photographer, was one of the journalists who took pictures and did interviews at the place of horror.

He narrated, among other cases, the murder of Oleg, a cook around 30 years of age.

Oleg had to leave the shelter where he was with 40 other people, including his wife, Natasha. He went out to find firewood to mitigate the cold and prepare something to eat.

He was heard shouting: “Don’t shoot, I’m a civilian,” recounts the testimony cited by the photojournalist.

There was silence, and soon five shots were heard. Oleg did not return to the shelter.

Ten days later, when the invaders withdrew from Bucha, or were expelled by Ukrainian soldiers, his body was found, his hands tied behind his back.

Ukrainian journalist Iuliia Mendel, President Zelensky’s former press chief, wrote that there were gang rapes in Bucha… in front of children.

It tells what everyone has been able to see: bodies of civilians lying in the streets, elderly people killed with a coup de grâce and their hands tied.

What Putin has done in Ukraine is not very different from the crimes of the Islamic Army (ISIS).

They are the same as those committed by him in Chechnya and in Syria.

Vladimir Putin’s homicidal behavior earned him President Biden’s designation as a war criminal.

Volodymyr Zelenski accuses that a genocide is being committed in his country, and it is true. They kill civilians because they are Ukrainians, as part of an invasion that makes no sense.

The United States has tightened its economic punishment against Russia and the siege on the assets of the Putins and their accomplices.

France demands tougher sanctions on Russia: stop buying gas and oil.

Germany hesitates. Yes but no. Maybe a little. The fact is that it is in trouble because without the gas it imports from Russia, its industry is paralyzed.

Putin’s fate, unlike Stalin’s – who cold-bloodedly killed thousands of Polish officers in the Katin forests and never paid for those crimes – will be decided in an international court.

Karin AA Khan, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, took up the case and set up a contact portal to receive information documenting the crimes of the Putin Army in the invasion of Ukraine.

So far, fifty countries have asked prosecutor Kahn to investigate the war crimes that are being committed.

Like the Nazis in Nuremberg, Putin is going to be put on the bench in The Hague, just as happened with the genocidal Serbs.

Those who have concealed their disgusting inhumanity will also receive a sanction, a moral sanction in this case.

Mexican support for the victims: Mexican musician Javier Paniagua launched the Music for Ukraine initiative, and asks me to collaborate in its dissemination. With pleasure. It is a musical piece created to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian children affected by the conflict. All the royalties generated by the digital reproduction of “Ukraine” will be donated to that cause through various humanitarian aid programs worldwide, authorized by the Ukrainian government. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV9WCS_7BFE

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