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Purchasing power: the bill presented to the Council of Ministers on June 29

Il is expected. The bill on purchasing power will be presented to the Council of Ministers “on June 29” then submitted to parliament “in the process”, said government spokeswoman Olivia Grégoire in an interview with Parisian aired Monday, May 30. The purchasing power “will be the subject of a communication in the Council of Ministers before the legislative elections (of June 12 and 19, editor’s note) to present the major measures”, she said. “Then a draft law and an amending finance bill will be detailed in the Council of Ministers on June 29 for a presentation to the Assembly in the process,” she added.

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The extension of the “tariff shield” mentioned

Olivia Grégoire, on behalf of the government, had put forward the idea, on May 25, of a “first bill (…) adopted by the Council of Ministers before the legislative elections”. The government then backpedaled, a government source explaining that the two texts would be presented “after the legislative elections”. And that, reserve period obliges, there would be “no precise amount” revealed.

On Friday, Élisabeth Borne explained that the first texts that the deputies will have to examine would be intended to “continue to contain this surge in energy prices” with in particular the extension of the “tariff shield” on the prices of gas and oil. electricity. Olivia Grégoire also strongly criticized the Nupes, seeing in it “a constituency agreement, not an agreement of conviction”. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not want a majority to move the country forward, but a minority to block it”, she added, explaining that the leader of rebellious France “has been accumulating mandates for 35 years now”.

“In the end, what is in his balance sheet? Nothing. It seeks to exist, not to rule,” she said. Finally on pensions Olivia Grégoire assured that “the pace of the reform is being discussed” and that this pace “is neither a totem nor a taboo”.

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