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Puerto Rican artists present their works at Pinta Miami

Two outstanding exponents of contemporary contemporary art in Puerto Rico will participate in the renowned Pinta Miami art fair, The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show, which opened its doors to the public this week for its sixteenth anniversary.

They are the plastic artists Sofía Maldonado, painter, digital creator and muralist; and the multidisciplinary artist Bobby Cruz, who will present a duet show for the first time at this event that promises to offer an experience like no other to all who visit it.

Both Maldonado and Cruz belong to what has become known as the Reactive Generation and are represented by the Petrus Gallery, in Miramar, an entity that is supporting the fact that these artists can appear outside of Puerto Rico in this important Latin American art show.

As part of their proposal, Sofía and Bobby will focus on Puerto Rico, a place they describe as a tropical island with lush mountains and deep blue seas. A reality that, since the passage of Hurricane María, has meant that both have had to face the economic decline that the country is going through, for which they have worked in recent years in a continuous dialogue between an urban environment and a crowded one. color.

Work of Sofia Maldonado. (Supplied)

Their presentation at Pinta Miami reflects precisely that, between the two they will develop a colorful dialogue that expresses their experience in a post-pandemic Puerto Rico. After having spent a year off the island, Sofía in Madrid, and Bobby in Bogotá, their works will talk about their experiences, which they will be displaying in their respective proposals in which they play with their feelings as Puerto Ricans, while interacting with its past, its present and its future.

Winner of the 2012 Manhattan Community Arts Fund Grant, LMCC, (NY), Sofía Maldonado’s work explores the spectrum of the female body by challenging cultural and social myths. Her massive mural work is intended to present the decadence, rather than the beauty of the object. Graduated from the School of Plastic Arts, Sofia has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute, in New York, and another Master’s degree in Virtual Reality from UTAD, in Spain. Her work has been part of international exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Cuba and Puerto Rico. While her pieces are also found in important collections such as Rockefeller Brothers and Rubin Family, both in New York. Mentioning her participation, Sofia says that “the importance of exhibiting at Pinta Miami is the visibility it provides us within the international art world. It is an enriching opportunity at a professional and cultural level. This year, it is an honor to be able to exhibit together with Bobby Cruz, on behalf of Galería Petrus, my most recent paintings created during my stay in Madrid (2020-21). These paintings dialogue with the depth of the Mediterranean Sea and the nostalgia of the Caribbean”.

For his part, born in 1984, Bobby Cruz is a contemporary and multidisciplinary artist who works with media such as painting, sculpture and installation. Graduated from the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico, he was the winner of the prestigious Lexus Scholarship. During his career he has exhibited in multiple solo and group shows in and outside of Puerto Rico. His work, often done in large format, is recognized for the strong and lively use of color, which through thick strokes, creates dense compositions in which he presents popular culture and scenes from Puerto Rican or Caribbean daily life. Through the use of realistic language, Cruz reveals a quasi-surreal and abstract vision of reality in which he immerses the public so that they can analyze his proposal and, at the same time, be part of it. The use of neon tubes in some of his pieces in order to highlight an idea, concept, or simply add phrases that are part of what is understood as Puerto Rican national pride.

Artwork by Bobby Cruz.
Artwork by Bobby Cruz. (Supplied)

For Cruz, participating in Pinta Miami is an opportunity to get out of the Island. “The fairs are a good environment to meet and talk with artists, curators and collectors, as well as see what is happening in the scenes of other countries. I have been to fairs in Buenos Aires, Mexico and Barcelona, ​​where I have had the opportunity to meet people with whom I continue to share and work with today, so I am excited to think that new things will surely come through Pinta for the future” .

According to its creators, Pinta Miami “is an international platform aimed at revitalizing and disseminating modern and contemporary Ibero-American art, with a stronger link than ever with its Latin American roots. This 2022 edition presents an artistic program that includes diverse and interdisciplinary exhibitions and carefully articulated sections that will bring together artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors and art lovers, who will be able to discover the best of what Latin American and Spanish creators have been working on. . Pinta Miami, more than a fair, is an important concept that highlights the individual voices of artists who inspire courage and originality. In addition, this event transcends borders of all kinds, so for Galería Petrus it is very important that our artists are exhibited in this important showcase that not only shows the outstanding quality of Latin American art, but also enhances the voice of the artists and their social, cultural and ecological concerns”, said Sylvia Villafañe, director of Petrus Gallery, when describing the event and the importance of supporting the artists it represents to be able to attend valued forums and art fairs in various parts of the world.

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