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Protesters repudiated the K request to ‘throw out’ the Court, in a counter-march

Representatives of civil society and sectors linked to law and the opposition they concentrated this Thursday in front of Courts in defense of the Supreme Court and the democratic system. It was about the mobilization of 3F, a response to the K march against the highest court that had taken place on Tuesday.

under the slogan “The Court is not touched”the appointment took place at Lavalle 550, in Plaza Lavalle, and was convened by opposition civil and political sectors after the mobilization led on Tuesday by the controversial judge Juan Ramos Padilla and piquetero K Luis D’Elía and which had the approval of officials of the national government. “Argentina without Cristina”was another slogan that was sung with force.

The street counter-proposal was born from some 120 law professors from all over the country and then they were joined by the City Bar Association, Republican Joint Action, Rural Republican Joint Action, Justice Joint Action, It Will be Justice, Republican Professors, Just Cause and some groupings of magistrates and prosecutors.

At 6:30 p.m., half an hour before the mobilization in support of the Supreme Court began, there were few demonstrators in front of the Palace of Justice.

Barely 48 hours after the demonstration by sectors of Kirchnerism against the highest court. Opposition leaders such as the president of the PRO Patricia Bullrich, the radical deputy Martín Tetaz, Graciela Ocaña and Ricardo López Murphy together with the actor Luis Brandoni and the director Juan Campanella had replicated the invitation to the counter-march on their social networks.

Very few attended. The former Minister of Economy of Fernando de la Rúa and current deputy was the first to arrive, López Murphy “I came because it is a march in defense of the republic and the division of powers. Threats are not good. The leaders of JxC no summoned”, explained the brand new deputy about the absence of several of his fellow block.

Instead, they were José Luis Espert, from Avanza Libertad; the former Minister of Education and national deputy Alejandro Finocchiaro and the former deputy Jorge Enriquez.

“The Court is accused of a supposed malfunction, but the real objective is destroy the independence of the judges and to form a new court completely subordinate to the Executive Branch,” said Osvaldo Sammartino, one of the two speakers at the event, whose words could barely be heard over the poor audio system.

“The march that took place on #1F tells us that reforms within the constitutional system are not only being pursued, but also a true repudiation of our Constitution and a regime change that opens the doors to various forms of authoritarianism” complained the lawyer.

Stationed on Talcahuano street, about a thousand demonstrators blew drums and whistles and applauded before 7:00 p.m.; an hour later the number of attendees was almost double.

On the fences that protect the entrance to the Judicial Palace there were dozens of flags with legends of support for the court. “Independent Justice for a Democratic Republic”; “We demand Justice, enough of impunity. Mafia or Republic” and “Respect for the division of powers” were some of the slogans written on national flags.

A man held a sign with a forceful message: “The Court is not touched, Justice is not touched.”

A Malvinas veteran from the Corrientes por la República group carried a sign with the legend “Enough of abuses to the institutions” and another protester held a gigantograph of the National Constitution.

With few party signs – a few flags of the United Republicans group, of Yamil Santoro, who was present – several of those summoned hung huge banners on the protection fences.

“Let’s put aside the sheep, it’s time to reunite the herd.” An image of Pinocchio bore the name of President Alberto Fernández. One of the attendees requested prison for Vice President Cristina Kirchner in the cases of corruption in which she is being investigated.

Barely a dozen uniformed police guarded the headquarters of the Court in a demonstration in which few young people were seen.

Espert was one of the toughest leaders. “Kirchnerism does not want any judicial reform that guarantees the independence of the Judiciary, Kirchnerism wants impunity, that’s why its advance on Justice“, pointed out the liberal economist.

D`Elia one of the organizers of the #1F march ironized about attendance at the event, which was visibly lower than on Tuesday. “Mobilization organized by Together for Change in SUPPORT of the Supreme Court of Justice Surely tomorrow it will be the cover of Clarín HAHAHA HAHAHA,” the leader of Miles ironized.

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