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Prosecutor Diego Luciani denounced Máximo Kirchner, Nicolás Caputo and Fabián De Sousa for suspicious negotiations with José López

The text and audio messages that were extracted from the cell phone of Jose Lopez, exposed during the arguments of the prosecutor Diego Luciani, led to a criminal complaint filed by the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, who asked that maximum kirchnerSanta Cruz officials, businessmen Nicholas Caputo and Fabian De Sousa like other companies, are investigated for possible influence peddling or incompatible negotiations.

Two days after appealing the conviction against Cristina Kirchner in the Highway case to claim that the vice is also accused of directing an illegal association, Luciani filed a criminal complaint.

The presentation, to which he agreed Clarionmaintains that the cell phone communications of the former Secretary of Public Works show the “existence of different facts and irregularities that deserve to be investigated in depth”.

“The existence of a large number of communications with different people –both officials and private individuals– is noted” which “gives a glimpse of the existence of certain patterns in relation to the way in which López performed his duties as Secretary of Public Works, and the relationships he had with certain businessmen in the sector and with other officials,” Luciani said in the complaint.

The questioned conversations refer to “how the tenders were processed, how payments to ‘friendly’ businessmen were managed”, among other irregularities recorded.

The prosecutor asked that they be investigated Nicolás Caputo, the businessman closest to Mauricio Macri,”that benefited from these mechanisms”, exposed in various messages requesting “different treatment to guarantee payments”.

The list of the seven facts detailed in the complaint includes: Fabian De Sousapartner of Christopher Lopez.

For this reason, the prosecution suspects the existence of certain patterns in the exercise of public functions “that exhibited their lack of adherence to the principles that should govern public procurement and State relations (of its officials) with contractor companies within the framework of the execution of the respective contracts”.

These conducts, Luciani continues to explain, “in addition to being contrary to public ethics and exhibiting promiscuous relationships between officials and individuals, alert about the possible commission of crimes of public action that must be investigated in depth”. In Spanish: possible bribes to accept those procedures.

Among the detailed cases, the prosecutor’s office referred to López’s consultation with Máximo Kirchner -who at that time did not hold any position- to ask him where the hundred blocks of pavement whose contract ended up in the hands of Lázaro Báez should be located.

For the prosecutor, those messages meant a “clear intervention” in that and other works dedicated to the province.

He modus operandi denounced includes another work carried out on Santa Cruz soil: Maternal and Child Hospital of Río Gallegos”where according to the messages Cristina Kirchner “had a particular interest.”

That work exposed “a brutal collusion between officials and businessmen and how illegal acts were committed,” said Luciani.

José López asked to speed up the tender: “get it out without soil studies. I tell you what to wear. Let’s urgently get the so-called Lic ”, he claimed. Later he explained that I had already spoken with the “Pta” and had notified him that the bidding would be done in 15 days.

“The president was personally learning about the progress of the works in Santa Cruz,” said Luciani, giving more examples showing that “the former president asked about specific works and their progress.”

For this reason, the prosecution understands that Máximo Kirchner must be investigated.

Messages to Máximo Kirchner

Regarding the leader of La Cámpora, prosecutor Luciani selected messages referring to the last tender that the Báez holding company won on Santa Cruz soil, a year before the change of government. “They had to hurry to direct the contract and quickly pay everythingthe presidential elections were approaching,” he said.

It was a plan for 100 paving blocks in Río Gallegos, financed with national funds that demanded a disbursement of 87 million pesos, “but It had an advance of 27% and like other works, it was abandoned, He never cared about the works but he did direct funds in favor of Báez ”, according to the prosecutor’s office.

This project to pave 100 blocks, “despite the vice president’s repeated argument that everything was guaranteed by the budget laws, never passed Congress“.

In the first of the screenshots shared by Luciani in his plea, José López, then Secretary of Public Works, communicates with Máximo Kirchner’s friend and provincial deputy, matias beziasking him if “he had spoken with Maxi and if he had decided what the location of the 100 blocks would be.”

The answer was: “Yes, we’ll define something” and he said that Roberto was going to meet. The prosecution indicated that she was referring to Roberto Gómez, a person who worked for Austral Construcciones and was responsible for designing the 100-block paving work. Gómez was the architect of the Mausoleum that Lázaro Báez gave to the Kirchner family, where the remains of the former president rest.

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