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Prophetic Culture put a “musical Band-Aid” on polarization in Venezuela

The Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profética returned to Venezuela and put a “musical Band-Aid” on its followers, who had not seen them for seven years, when the group stopped its presentations in the country to avoid being labeled as belonging to any political trend, their comments explained. members in an interview with Efe.

From Caracas, Willy Rodríguez, Eliut González, Juanqui Sulsona and Omar Silva, members of the band, agreed that their music is “above politics” and that his only intention in the reunion with the Venezuelan public was to heal the wounds of polarization with his rhythms.

“To which we saw the opportunity to return and we saw how the concerts are really growing here (…) we said: Why not? It’s more than time, more than time. We need to go back with our musical Band-Aid and here we are”, said Rodríguez, the group’s singer and bassist.


The band recalled their connection with Venezuela and how much they care about the well-being of the country, reasons why the reunion with the Venezuelan public took place, which they organized on two dates as part of their Sobrevolando Tour.

In the cities of Valencia and Caracas, the group celebrated their 26-year musical career with their audience and recalled times when visits to Venezuela were part of their annual agenda.

“We came for many years because it was free for the people as well and we felt that it was important for people not to have to pay a ticket because that conversation is very nice, that opportunity, but at the same time we felt that it became too politicized and that was not ours. intention,” Rodríguez told Efe.

In the capital, Cultura Profética managed that reconnection through their successes combined in various medleys and also pieces from their latest production, Sobrevolando, with which they won the Latin Grammy Award in 2020 for Best Alternative Album and obtained a nomination, in their version Anglo-Saxon, in the category of best Latin or alternative rock album.

The artists sang to the Venezuelans with the aim of taking away “something nice of this energy” that they have “always” shared.

With its fusions of reggae with sounds of jazz, funk, electronics, hip hop and ska, the group received applause from almost 6,000 fans who sang their lyrics in their presentation this Saturday in Caracas.

“You are a country, a very solid, very strong, very educated people,” said the singer of Cultura Profética on stage, before reiterating that they are not trendsetters but “of the people and for the people.”


“That, if you have to have positions, of course you have to have them, but you also have to understand, brother, that things are not black or white. There are many grays in the middle and we feel that we paint a lot with those grays, “Rodríguez replied to Efe when asked about the mixture of social protest and love as central themes in his songs.

As in their lyrics, in their speech they promote tolerance and respect by admitting that they have ideals, but they are not the flag of any party.

“We do have very clear ideals, and yes, they definitely transcend our island, but we cannot take sides in realities that we do not live in because it would be unfair and absurd to take a specific position in a country in which we do not see the effect of those decisions,” Rodríguez commented.

After 26 years in music, the Puerto Rican band, considered one of the greatest exponents of Latin reggae, plans to coexist with urban rhythms, instead of competing.

“I think that we, in some way, have all been part of that growth, although we are different, at the same time we are the same, we come from the same place, from the same island (…) We have always crossed paths ”, commented guitarist Eliut González.

The group is proud to be an influence for artists from their country who are dedicated to reggaeton and to be able to agree on the taste of the people.

“Right now, you’re going to the beach (…) and you’re going to listen to Bad Bunny’s album and the one by Cultura Profética; thank God, people still listen to us. Thanks to the people we are here”, said Juanqui, the group’s keyboardist, with a laugh.

The members of Cultura Profética finished their presentations in Venezuela, but they assure that they take a lot of their public in the country.

“From here, we take a lot of their courage and endurance, we admire them from a distance. We see you on the street, we see you persisting in adversity and we are very proud of you”, specified the vocalist of this group whose prophecy is to connect their rhythm and culture with any time.

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