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Producer Paco López confirms that he is taking steps to bring RBD to Puerto Rico

Fans of the Mexican band RBD in Puerto Rico, -who grew up in the 2000s with the music and the novel “Rebelde”-, eagerly ask that the group include the island in their new international tour.

Since the announcement in 2022 that the group came together again to announce that in 2023 it will celebrate its 20th anniversary with “Rebelde Tour” in more than 26 cities in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, Puerto Rican fans hope the tour, produced by T6H Entertainment and Live Nation, hits the Coliseum of Puerto José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan.

On the island, Anahí, Dulce María Espinosa, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann, Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera and Christian Chávez, protagonists of the telenovela “Rebelde” left great marks on the small screen and later when they came for the first time in December 2005 to the island.

That year they made three performances of the “RBD Tour Generación” tour that completely filled the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Given the possibility of being able to please the Puerto Rican fans, the producer paco lopez He told El Nuevo Día today that they are in talks, but “nothing is confirmed.”

In fact, the producer did a survey on the social network Twitter in which he asked: “Who would buy an RBD box office in Puerto Rico?”

Some 13,278 network users participated in the survey and 75% responded that they would buy a ticket to see the group that dissolved in 2008 when each of the actors and singers focused on their individual careers.

Ticket sales for this year’s international tour will begin on January 27 in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.

The first date of the tour will be on August 25 at the Sun Bowl stadium in El Paso, Texas, on the border between the United States and Mexico, a venue for 40,000 spectators.

The pop band has a dozen hits such as “Rebelde”, “Just stay silent”, “Save me”, “Teach me”, “A song”, “Fire”, “Be or seem”, “Your love”, ” What’s behind it”, “Unreachable”, “Behind me”, “And I can’t forget you”, “To forget about me” or “Goodbye”.

The passage of RBD in Puerto Rico

The first time the group visited the island was in the 2005. In October of this year it was announced that the group would perform for the first time on the island on December 3 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. On this occasion, they held three performances of the “RBD Tour Generación” tour, which were filled to the full in front of an audience that did not hesitate to shout and enjoy the group during all their presentations.


They returned with the “World” tour and performed two shows at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. From early hours, before the show began, hundreds of girls and young women dressed as the members of their favorite soap opera waited for the doors to open to sing and dance. With the two concerts they offered in August of this year, they added five of their appointments at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.


They came back to the country to celebrate their concert of the “Celestial” tour. The concert featured a T-shaped stage that allowed the artists to get closer to their audience. As on previous occasions, they complemented their staging with giant screens, visuals, pyrotechnic effects, and lighting design. Throughout his performance, RBD offered positive messages to the audience regarding peace, love, and the importance of believing in dreams. They also appreciated the support of their local fans, who occupied a good part of the Coliseum, although they did not fill it in its entirety.


Undoubtedly, the “rebeldemania” decreased. They almost manage to fill the reduced version of the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. The reasons could be various. On the one hand, an audience that perhaps no longer found anything new in the artistic offer of the group or simply, the fact that the novel had already ended. However, the band’s dynamism was not lacking and neither was an enthusiastic response from an audience. The scenario was simpler than on past occasions. The “Empezar de cero” tour was his farewell in Puerto Rico.

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