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Pro-Palestine protests spread around the world

Pro-Palestinian protests continue to spread throughout the world. This afternoon the largest was in London, but similar demonstrations have been repeated in various places, despite the prohibitions imposed in European cities such as Paris. The protesters denounce the Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip, which will now intensify once the ultimatum has expired, in retaliation for the bloody weekend attack by the Islamist group Hamas.

The protests called today afternoon in London and other cities in the United Kingdom have attracted special attention due to the massive response they have received. Thousands of people gathered around the BBC building, which had been thrown red paint into the night, and marched to Downing Street. At the demonstrations, shouts were heard demanding an end to violence in Palestine and also criticism of Israel.

Police warned that anyone who expressed support for Hamas, considered a terrorist organization, would be arrested, as would anyone who deviated from the established protest route. “It is a totally unfair situation,” said one of the participants. Demonstrations were also called in Manchester, Liverpool and Cambridge.

In New York the same scene was repeated yesterday. Thousands of people took to the streets shouting ‘Free Palestine’, including many Jews. In Brooklyn, about a hundred protesters were arrested at night when they were carrying out a sit-in to block traffic, after demonstrating in front of the home of Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, who plans to travel with a delegation of congressmen to Israel.

Called by the organization Jewish Voice for Peace to ask that “the genocide against the Palestinians stop,” the protest drew tens of hundreds of people in front of a strong police presence.

After more than two hours shouting slogans such as “Jews say enough to the genocide of the Palestinians” or “not in my name” in front of the home of the senator whom they asked to mediate to obtain a ceasefire and save lives, the protesters moved to a nearby artery where they sat on the ground forming a chain that cut off traffic.

Given their refusal to get up, police reinforcements began to arrive and ended up taking the detainees, aged between 20 and 85, including two elected officials from the state of New York, rabbis and descendants of Holocaust survivors, on buses.

Mostly young, the protesters who took to the streets this Friday in different parts of the city and the country and of all origins, accused Israel of “genocide” and asked the United States to withdraw support for its ally in the East. Half.

“We recognize that for many, the call to unconditionally support Israel, including sending increased military funding, comes from deep pain, fear and anxiety,” said Rabbi Alissa Wise, also detained, “but we know that more weapons will only “They will bring more harm to everyone.”

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