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Price should be Rs 450 per quintal, increase of Rs 14 is a joke: Hooda –

Chandigarh, November 7 (Trinew)

The BJP-JJP government has made a joke with the farmers by increasing the price of sugarcane per quintal by only Rs 14 in the state. This is what former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupendra Singh Hooda has to say. He said that the sugarcane farmers of the state have been demanding for a long time to increase the price of sugarcane to Rs 450 per quintal. The Congress government had increased the sugarcane rate by a record breaking Rs 193, taking it from Rs 117 to Rs 310.

That means there was an increase of 165 percent in 9 years, which was the highest price in the country at that time. The government increased the price of sugarcane from Rs 310 after 2014 to Rs 372 in 2023-24. That means there was only 20 percent increase in 9 years. He said that during the Congress government, along with the purchase of sugarcane from the farmers, immediate payment was also ensured. At the time of leaving the government in 2014, there was not a single penny owed to the farmers by the sugarcane mills. Hooda announced that if the Congress government is formed in Haryana next year, the price of sugarcane will be Rs 450 per quintal in the first cabinet itself, which will once again be the highest rate of sugarcane in the country.

The former CM said that the BJP government had promised in the year 2015 that it would double the income of farmers by 2022. When we left power in 2014, the price of sugarcane was Rs 310. If the BJP government had fulfilled the promise of doubling the farmer’s income by 2022, then the price of sugarcane would have doubled to Rs 620. More than a year has already passed since the year 2022.

He said that in the government which makes false promise of doubling the income of the farmers, far from doubling the income of the farmers, the expenditure of the farmers and the debt on the farmers has doubled. The prices of diesel and petrol have doubled and taxes on expensive fertilizers and agricultural equipment have reduced the income of farmers.

Minor increase cheated farmers: Abhay

INLD Principal General Secretary and Ellenabad MLA Abhay Singh Chautala has termed Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s decision to increase the rate of sugarcane crop by only Rs 14 per quintal to Rs 386 per quintal as inadequate. He says that the BJP government has once again cheated the farmers. Inflation has been continuously increasing for the last several years. Keeping this in mind, the rate of sugarcane crop should be decided. In a statement issued from Chandigarh on Tuesday, Abhay said that the BJP-JJP coalition government is engaged in weakening the farmers and is working to benefit the sugar mill owners. He said, sugar industry is an energy based industry. In this, sugarcane is used as raw material and by crushing sugarcane, apart from sugar, four more by-products are obtained.

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