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PRI declares itself on ‘maximum alert’ for voting on electricity reform

The national leadership of the PRI declared itself in “maximum alert” and summoned his federal deputies to “be vigilant 24 hours a day” and to spend the night, “if necessary”, from Saturday at the headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies, to be able to vote against the electrical reform.

Deputies revealed that they were warned that “the threat of the albazo persists” by Morena and her allies from the PT and PVEM to close access to the Legislative Palace on Sunday to reduce the attendance of legislators, lower the number of those present in plenary and complete, with their deputies and “some co-opted”, two thirds of those present to approve the reforms to the Constitution.

For this reason, they said, they were asked “not to give in to pressure in their states”, not to pay attention to the “threats” from the “morning” of the National Palace and, above all, to comply with the internal agreements of the National Political Council of the party.

The president of the tricolor, deputy Alejandro Moreno, and his parliamentary coordinator, Rubén Moreira, yesterday endorsed their “unwavering decision” to to reject the opinion approved in commissions.

Without going to his offices in San Lázaro, Moreno Cárdenas stated in a statement that “the legislators of the PRI are convinced that the reform benefits nothing, neither promotes competitiveness, nor does it generate employment, nor does it offer opportunities for the productive sector to participate”.

Rubén Moreira also emphasized that his legislators “avoided and will avoid the possibility that they will not be allowed to pass to the legislative chamber.”

However, the coordinator of Morena, Ignacio Mier, and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Gutiérrez, reported that there will be no blockades around the Legislative Palace and that the access and security of the deputies are guaranteed.

Although it joined the opposition bloc against Morena’s decision to postpone the session for Sunday, the MC parliamentary group, meeting yesterday in San Lázaro, distanced itself from the Va por México coalition and accused the legislators of the PRI, PAN and PRD of incurring “in a show”, the threat of staying overnight in the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro.

The head of the orange caucus, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, did not rule out “a surprise or any PRIMor agreement”, and maintained that “MC is the only political force that voted against the energy reform of the previous government, a reform that put the interests of the State at the service of individuals, which obviously got out of hand, but today it does not want to do a 180 degree turn”.

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