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President Vladimir Putin is losing his eyesight, only 3 years left to live: Russian spy claims

However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denied speculation that President Putin is ill, saying that there are no signs indicating any illness. The Independent said in its report that an FSB official gave new information about Putin’s health in a message to Boris Karpichkov, a former Russian spy living in Britain.

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They said, “We have been told that he suffers from a headache and when he appears on TV he needs big letters on paper so that he can read what he is going to say. Those words are so Big enough that there are only a few sentences on all pages. “His eyes are seriously deteriorating,” according to a portion of the message released by

Metro and Express further reported that Putin’s limbs “still trembled uncontrollably.” In early May, the Express reported a report saying that Putin had undergone a surgery for his stomach. This information has been given to the Telegram channel General SVR associated with Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

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However, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denied speculations about the health of the Russian President. Russia’s top diplomat, responding to a question from French broadcaster TF1, said, “I don’t think sensible people can see any kind of illness or symptoms of illness in Putin.” He said he would turn 70 in October and now appears in public every day. “You can see him on the screen, read and listen to his speeches,” the foreign minister said.

Vladimir Putin, who was in power in Russia for more than two decades, sent troops to Ukraine on 24 February this year, which shocked the world. Thousands of people died in the Russian attack. At the same time, millions of people took refuge in other countries, this created the biggest refugee crisis in Europe after World War II. After which Western countries imposed many sanctions against Russia.

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