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Pope Francis wrote a book ‘Against War’

Pope Francis wrote a short book which he called “Against the war”which will go on sale this Thursday, in which warns about the danger of a Third World Warin the midst of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,

Furthermore, the Supreme Pontiff asks to stop fueling war conflicts with weapons.

“A year ago, on my pilgrimage to battered Iraq, I was able to play the disaster caused by war, fratricidal violence and terrorismI saw the rubble of houses and the wounds of hearts, but also seeds of hope to be reborn. I never would have imagined then that a year later a conflict would break out in Europe”, laments the Argentine in a preview published this Wednesday by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Francis recalls that from the beginning of his pontificate he warned about “the Third World War”, although at that time it was still “in pieces”.

“Those pieces have gotten bigger and bigger, welding together… So many wars are going on right now in the world, causing immense pain, innocent victims, especially children“, the Mint.

This Thursday, “Against War”, a short book by Pope Francis, will go on sale. Photo Ettore Ferrari/EFE

In addition, he points out: “These wars seemed distant to us. Until, now, almost suddenly, war broke out near us. Ukraine was attacked and invaded,” he notes.

“In the face of the heartbreaking images that we see every day, in the face of the cry of children and women, we can only shout: High! War is not the solution, war is madness, war is a monster, war is a cancer that feeds on itself and engulfs everything! In addition, war is a sacrilege, which destroys the most precious thing on our earth, human life, the innocence of the little ones, the beauty of creation,” he warns in the book.

The Pope who affirms that “war is a sacrilege” and that “what we are witnessing is yet another barbarity and, unfortunately, we have little memory. Yes, because if we had memory, we would remember what our grandparents and parents told us, and we would feel the need for peace like our lungs need oxygen.”

He denounces in his manuscript that “if we had memory we would not spend tens, hundreds of billions to rearm ourselves, to equip ourselves with increasingly sophisticated weapons, to increase the market and trafficking of weapons that end up killing children, women, the elderly.”

Francis also recalled his 2019 trip to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where he denounced that “the use of atomic energy for war is immoral, just like the possession of atomic weapons is immoral“Who would have imagined that less than three years later the specter of nuclear war would appear in Europe?” he added.

“So, Step by step, we’re headed for catastrophe. Piece by piece, the world risks becoming the scene of a single World War III. We started as if it was inevitable. Instead, we must forcefully repeat: no, it is not inevitable! No, war is not inevitable!” she alerted.

Pope Francis with Ukrainian children.  Photo Ettore Ferrari/EFE

Pope Francis with Ukrainian children. Photo Ettore Ferrari/EFE

The Pope points out that “in the face of the images of death that reach us from Ukraine, it’s hard to hope” but that “however, there are signs of hope. There are millions of people who do not aspire to war, who do not justify war, but ask for peace. There are millions of young people who ask us to do everything possible and impossible to stop the war, to stop wars.”

The leader of the Church reiterated that he has always asked “to use the money that is used for weapons and other military expenses to establish a world fund destined to definitively end hunger and promote the development of the poorest countries.”

And in the book he renewed this proposal: “Also today, especially today. Because the war must be stopped, because wars must be stopped and they will only stop if we stop feeding them.

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