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Pope Francis and a deteriorated relationship with Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner

Suspicion is unavoidable. Especially when the Pope returned to his activity this Saturday after the ailment in his knee that he has been suffering for a long time worsened and that led him to suspend his activities scheduled for Friday, among which was receiving Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, and to undergo medical studies. Exactly the same day that the Minister of Foreign Relations was to visit him, did the pain increase and the following day he was already in a position to resume his agenda? Didn’t want to receive it? If so, why?

Could Jorge Bergoglio be moving away from Alberto Fernández and approaching Cristina Kirchner as some began to speculate since a few weeks ago he received the Interior Minister, Eduardo Waldo De Pedro, a faithful ally of the vice president? And, on the other hand, supposedly he closed the door to Cafiero, a one hundred percent Alberto official who, on the other hand, is one of the ministers that Cristina longs to see outside the government, like the economy minister, Martin Guzmanand Production, Matias Kulfas.

Now, Francisco’s ailment is not only real, but has been accentuated lately. For a long time he has suffered from an inflammation of the ligaments in the knee that cause great pain when walking and that do not have an immediate cure, beyond the constant physiotherapy to which he undergoes. In the Holy Week celebrations he had to restrict his movements, but he still demanded it. It is totally plausible that all that effort was felt in the following days and forced to pause.

In fact, on Thursday afternoon it was announced that due to the intense pain when walking, he had canceled all his activities on Friday and that he would undergo tests that day. Cafiero found out when he was traveling from Venice to Rome. It was a blow for him because it was undoubtedly going to be the most stellar activity of his tour, after having visited the Argentine stand at the Venice Biennale and planning to meet with his Italian counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, and businessmen, and visit the FAO.

Besides, It is not a secret that the Pope’s relationship with Alberto Fernández is very deteriorated. In the Vatican corridors, it is mentioned as the causes that the Argentine president, after an initial stage of dialogue with the opposition, has opted for confrontation, in line with Cristina Kirchner, and having strongly promoted the legalization of abortion at the worst time of the pandemic after asking for help to renegotiate the debt with the IMF.

Pope Francis, with the then president Cristina Kirchner and the trade unionist Omar “Caballo” Suárez, who was part of his entourage.

They say that too he was annoyed by the insistence of the President of the Nation -especially in the first part of his mandate- to say that he was in permanent contact with the Pope, who was supposedly advising him. Having decided with his wife Fabiola to name his son Francisco was based on his admiration for the Pope. It was even said that both wanted to be baptized by the pontiff, but Vatican sources stressed that this is going to happen.

As for the Pope’s relationship with Cristina, they affirm that it has been non-existent for a long time. She began to deteriorate, they say, when he invited her to a meeting at the Santa Marta residence and, to her surprise, she went with a group from La Cámpora. And it deepened when Cristina chose Aníbal Fernández as candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, whom the villero priests blamed for a lack of firmness in the fight against drug trafficking.

In Cristina’s environment they say that I would be thinking of an approach to Francisco. But she wouldn’t help it if she was sabotaging the IMF deal the pope helped build and wanting the head of Guzman, whom Francis appointed to the Vatican’s Academy of Social Sciences. Nor, the dangerous wear and tear to which he subjects the president. Needless to say, his desperate judicial moves to ensure impunity.

What there is a consensus among several of the Vatican observers consulted is that the ailment was very timely for Francis.

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