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Polio virus found in Britain after four decades, doubts over Pakistan’s vaccination campaign

The agency has asked to ensure that children are fully immunized to prevent this disease.


According to reports published in the media on Friday, Pakistan’s polio vaccination campaign has come under the shadow of apprehensions after the polio virus was found for the first time in four decades in Britain’s capital London. Britain’s Health Protection Agency has underlined that the polio virus reported in London on Thursday may have come from some countries. Along with this, the agency has asked parents to ensure that their children are fully immunized to prevent this disease.


Islamabad’s health authorities claimed that the “vaccination-borne virus” detected in Britain has a presence in 22 countries and that the virus found locally is wild poliovirus (WVP). Dr. Shahzad Baig, national coordinator of the Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme, told the Dawn newspaper on Thursday that it was too early to say whether the virus arrived in Britain from Pakistan because the British authorities have not yet announced the results of the genome sequencing.

Genetic sequencing helps to trace the origin of the virus. However, different ribonucleic acid (RNA) has been found in samples taken from different places in the UK. Whenever there were cases of polio in Pakistan, their source was found to be Afghanistan in genetic sequencing. Baig said, “Samples taken from London were reported to contain vaccine-borne viruses, which exist in 22 countries. Therefore, Pakistan should not be held responsible for exporting the virus before the genetic sequencing report comes out.

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