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Police will provide training to nodal officers of the bank for security arrangements –

Chandigarh, 26 September (Trinew)

Haryana Director General of Police Shatrujit Kapoor said that to prevent cyber crime, it is necessary to work within the limits of golden hours and make efforts towards reducing the response time. The role of the police department is as important as that of the bank employees in this work. For this, it is very important to establish better coordination between the banks and the police department so that when a cyber crime occurs, both can work as a team and effectively stop it.

He was holding a meeting with senior officials of HDFAC Bank regarding cyber security in Chandigarh on Tuesday. In the meeting, there was a detailed discussion about the Citizen Financial Cyber ​​Fraud Reporting Management System module of the Cyber ​​Portal and the problems faced in catching cyber criminals and their solutions. HDFC Bank officials also assured full cooperation with the police administration. Bank officials said that keeping our customers’ deposits safe is one of our priorities and all possible help related to cyber security will be provided to the police administration. In the meeting, ADGP (Cyber ​​Crime) OP Singh gave information about the challenges facing cyber security and many other important facts through a power point presentation. The DGP said that when a cyber crime occurs, the chances of stopping it in the initial period are relatively higher. This period is called the golden hour. He asked the bank officials present in the meeting to take prompt action on the complaints and to increase the number of nodal officers deployed there to reduce the response time so that work can be done as per the prescribed SOP even on holidays and odd hours. To increase the efficiency of these nodal officers and to provide them information about real-time functioning, they will be trained with the team of National Cyber ​​Helpline No. 1930 of the Police Department so that good coordination can be established between the two. To prevent cyber crime, the cases will be divided into two categories. In the first category, live cases will be kept i.e. such cases related to cyber crime, in which the call is received on the helpline number immediately after its occurrence and the cyber criminal is prevented from doing further transactions. In the second category, such cyber crimes will be kept which have been happening for a relatively long time.

Do verification while giving POS machineThe DGP told the bank officials in the meeting that they must verify the business of the seller before handing over the Point of Sale (POS) machines so that the machines cannot be used by cyber criminals. Kapoor also stressed the need for geofencing of these machines so that they automatically deactivate after being moved from one place to another. He said that if suspicious transactions are found in any bank account then the banks should ensure to take immediate action.

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