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Police foil an attack at the University of Lisbon

Vehicle of the Portuguese security forces with the student arrested for planning an attack on the University of Lisbon. / EFE

The FBI alerted the security forces of Portugal of the plans of a student who was going to detonate small explosives to provoke chaos and then stab students and teachers

The security forces of Portugal have arrested an 18-year-old who allegedly planned to attack this Friday at the University of Lisbon, where he would have planned to unleash chaos with a view to later acting with various types of knives.

The arrest took place on Thursday, after the FBI alerted the Portuguese authorities of an imminent attack plan, according to sources quoted by the Lusa agency. The suspect was arrested at his house in the Olivais neighborhood, where documents were also located that reflected his alleged intentions.

The Judicial Police explained that the search made it possible to “confirm” the “initial suspicions”, to the extent that elements that could be used in the attack were seized. Investigators suspect that the young man first wanted to cause explosions with small gas cylinders in the Faculty of Sciences and then, taking advantage of the chaos, act with knives, machetes or even a crossbow, reports the RTP chain.

The authorities work with the hypothesis that this young man, of Portuguese nationality, acted alone and is not part of any organization. The detainee was taken to court on Friday for questioning. The University of Lisbon, meanwhile, tries to continue with its usual activity and even maintains the planned teaching activity.


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