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Police ask for dismissal of the Secretary of Public Security of Zacatecas

Zacatecas.- More than 800 elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) protested this Thursday morning for the dismissal of 7 uniformed men who demonstrated in recent days.

They demanded the resignation of the head of Public Security, Adolfo Marín Marín.

“Today we request the presence of the governor. We are not going to talk to the secretary or the undersecretary,” they emphasized.

They warned that the minute signed on March 19 by the head of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and the undersecretary was not fulfilled.

“The only thing they did was give us some uniforms and they fired seven comrades” who organized the demonstration on that date.

On that occasion, they asked for job improvements, equipment, in addition to knowing the amounts of the life insurance payment and funeral support for relatives of murdered police officers.

In addition, they demanded the dismissal of three commanders who harass them.

They added that all these requests were not fulfilled by the authority.

They warned that they would only dialogue with Governor David Monreal Ávila, whom they demanded to make an appearance so that he could hear their demands.

Despite the fact that a negotiating table with the protesters was set up, the strike continues.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Security confirmed the escape of two people from the Fresnillo Regional Center for Social Reintegration.

He pointed out that, in a coordinated manner, an operation has been deployed and collaboration has been established in the corresponding investigation.

The preliminary report states that the evasion took place this Thursday afternoon.

At the moment, the internal investigation is being carried out, as well as intelligence actions that allow determining the conditions in which the evasion took place.

The escaped persons deprived of their liberty are identified as Abelardo Quintanilla Aranda, who was following a legal process for the crime of domestic violence, and Félix Ramón López Mata, who is following a process for the crimes of homicide, property crimes and against the Weapons Law. Fire and Explosives.

The police action protocols for his location were immediately activated, the collaboration of state and federal authorities was requested to intensify the search.

Despite the strike, Fresnillo state police support the operation to locate the escapees.

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