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Pochettino: “Mbappé is here to play”

The Argentinian Mauricio Pochettinocoach of Paris Saint Germainstated that the French Kylian Mbappe “he’s fine” and that he expects him to train “normally” this Tuesday on the eve of the match against Real Madrid, in the round of 16 of the Champions League, after the involuntary stomp he received in training on Monday by his partner Idrissa Gueye.

“It’s fine. At the moment he received the blow, the action was seen. He was sore at first, but after a few hours he could walk normally and hopefully he can train normally now,” he said at a press conference.

Pochettino did not dodge the question of who his best player is: “Messi, with seven gold balls, is the best player in the world. Kylian is one of those who is running for it. His current form speaks for itself that he is He is among the players who are shining the most”.

The Argentine coach was visibly upset at a press conference after several questions from journalists. The first, regarding who will occupy the PSG goal, with the Costa Rican Keylor Navas and the italian Gianluigi Donnarumma as candidates.

“I have a lot of patience with all of you because I have been explaining the same thing for seven or eight months. We are lucky to have two great goalkeepers who are at PSG by choice and the club wanted it that way. We have two number ones and tomorrow will make the decision naturally. Whatever the decision, there will be someone disappointed. We are happy with the way it has been managed and reaching March with two goalkeepers performing at the highest level is something good for the team”, he answered.

Regarding proper names, he also showed his anger with the continuous questions in recent times regarding the possible future of Mbappé as a Real Madrid player.

It is a lack of respect from everyone. Internally we have absolute peace of mind that we have things very clear. He is a very mature player, I explained that three weeks ago. I have no doubt that Kylian’s performance will have nothing to do with what happens externally,” he noted.

In addition, he valued the difference regarding the message that surrounds both teams, with positivism for Real Madrid’s comeback and not so much with PSG’s possible classification despite the fact that they face the second leg with the 1-0 lead from the first leg. .

A positive benefit is never awarded. I see the Real Madrid media being positive. In football you win and you lose and we are competitors and we think about the positive and the best. Nothing else fits in our heads other than filling our minds with positive situations. This question before a defining match… It’s something so obvious that I’m answering it out of respect,” he said when asked if elimination would be a failure.

“Faced with the defeat in Paris, the entire club environment started the machinery that it is possible to overcome the result. For us, there is the responsibility to maintain that result, that we have only won the first part of the game. A team that has won 13 He doesn’t win Champions Leagues by chance, he does it because of what he has in his heart,” he added.

Focused on what he expects from the match, Pochettino spoke of the demands that the match will demand.

“The way to defend a result for us is to attack, dominate and play in the opposite field. We were able to do it in our field. We know that it will be difficult and that we will find a different Madrid, not because of the casualties. It is a definitive match, a final It is going to demand absolute concentration, adapt and know how to read the conditions that have changed compared to three weeks ago”, he analysed.

Madrid is not going to change no matter how much Casemiro and Mendy are missing due to suspension. The game philosophy is the same. We know each other, we have seen all their games like them with us. We expect a lot of intensity from the start and we will try to dispute that dominance from the start. It’s going to be a question of measuring forces from the beginning and seeing who has the ability to dominate the ball,” he added.

In addition, Pochettino He didn’t want to go into Neymar’s reaction last Saturday when he got angry after an opponent made a dribble to lose time when PSG was losing against Nice.

“I really didn’t see it and that’s why I couldn’t give my opinion. Neymar has a great mentality and a great positivism. The competitions are different. Neymar was signed to try to win the Champions League and that was what was said in each press conference and his presentation; let’s let a player like him show all his talent tomorrow”, he assessed.

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