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PM Modi worked day and night to get Indian students out of Ukraine: Piyush Goyal

Piyush Goyal said that Operation Ganga was successful. The Government of India gave full help to its students. Four senior ministers were sent as special envoys. Other countries became active later. The first flight to China took place on March 5, America said that you come out yourself, we cannot help you.

He said that we brought children from many other countries. Also helped the child of Pakistan. Many service organizations were thrown, private airlines were started. Air force deployed. The Prime Minister spoke to the heads of many voluntary organizations, NGOs to help the citizens. The contribution of the people of the Indian community was also received.

Goyal said that this evacuation was possible due to the tireless efforts of Prime Minister Modi. The Foreign Minister did not even rest, kept a watch on it round the clock. The Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of External Affairs and other officials worked hard day and night.

He said that everyone worried about the children. Perhaps for the first time this happened when the war was going on, missiles were going on, then work was done to bring everyone. The Prime Minister requested all the State Governments, Collectors to take care of all the children. This also happened for the first time that government officials went to almost every family’s house, talked to them, understood their problem.

The Union Minister said that BJP workers also played an important role. BJP workers contacted the families of about eighteen and a half thousand children across the country. Meeting their family members, understanding their sorrow and happiness. The government machinery also worked and so did the Bharatiya Janata Party. Everyone stood together in this hour of crisis.

He said that it is unfortunate that Congress and some other parties tried to do politics on this also. When the crisis comes, the family members unite in spite of mutual differences, but in this time of crisis, instead of consoling the people, boosting their morale, the Congress leaders were engaged in false propaganda.

He said that we saw the work of PM Modi that he was engaged day and night on how to bring the children back. But the Congress leaders and their governments, instead of meeting the family members, supporting them, continued to do politics. Congress could have encouraged, could have stood with the PM. The Kerala Congress used the old photo to say that the Evacuation was done by the UPA.

Goyal shared a video of a child crying while he was rescued and thanked the Indian government. He said that when talks with Ukraine and Russia were going on, to evacuate the children, then a Congress leader was making statements against Russia.. It was an act of putting the evacuation in danger. Rahul Gandhi was sharing a news by quoting Imran Khan. This is very unfortunate. It is a matter of shame that politics has fallen to such a low level that the Congress and its allies were doing politics even during such a crisis.

Goyal said that the Congress was constantly tweeting that our people were calling the Indian Ambassador to Ukraine. By doing this they were blocking their line. The Tamil Nadu government was talking about its delegation. Worry about the students or worry about them at such times.

He said that our minister did not involve any embassy officer in his work. Nothing could be more unfortunate than when a Chief Minister of South India said that children of our state should be given priority. The Government of India was treating all the children as one.

He said that today we are happy that almost all our children are successful in returning. Sumi’s children will also be back by tomorrow. Concerns have been raised about transporting them from the airport to the house. This is an example of how PM Modi works day and night caring for every citizen, while some political parties kept doing petty politics.

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